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Freedom IS Free

"Freedom is not free"
Or so the bumper sticker reads
Talk about a contradiction in terms
This is like saying Unconditional Love gives not because it waits upon receipt
Which is what so many religions continue to say
Or like saying, God is limited
Which mankind still expresses to this day
I understand the premise
Misguided and misunderstanding though it is
The premise behind "freedom is not free" is that there has been sacrifice in life
That men and women have fought and died to give opportunities to those in present and future times
I don't mean to dishonor someones honor
Nor to demean someones courage or love for their own
What I do mean to say is that Freedom Is Free
Why is this so?
Because Freedom, True Freedom, comes from God
And who, in their right mind, would say, "God can be limited"?
Who would say, "God doesn't give freely" or "what God gives can be taken away"?
Who would say, "God is lacking", just because there is lack?
Not only is God there for us all, but God IS us All
Beyond and beneath the clamor of our thinking minds
And this is the point
Beyond and beneath our temporary limited thought is the Pure Creative Consciousness of Infinite Divine Mind
And this is Who We Are
And yet we know not of Who We Are because we are concerned with who we "are not" or who we "may not" become
With what we "have not" or what may be "lost" from what we have "won"
And therefore we fight for our freedom
That it may be ours
And his and hers but maybe not yours
Yet Heavens True Meaning Knows only of WE
So if one has gained but another has not
Then we have forgotten our Heaven, again
Yet we need not look some more or fight some more but only Be Still
And in this Stillness, there shall Be Peace
And in this Peace, Joy
And Love and Light and Life
And this is what it is to Be, Free
"Freedom IS Free"
We just need to take the time to listen and Feel this
To allow for our Vision that Sees
This is not a judgment of man or woman
But just the way things are
A gentle urging for us to stop seeking so much
And Be
That which We Are
Always Connected
Never apart
This is what it means to be Free
"Freedom Is Free"
And perhaps one day this is what the bumper sticker will read