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God's Blessed Daughter and Son

No matter how we would portray it
No matter how we would cut it or shape it
To look as if something else
Every experience
Is for us
To learn

We can try all we want to spurn
Or feel spurned
But it's on to us
To know
That it's all about Love

In the highest degree
It's all about Us
As the morning star
As princes and princesses of peace
As the innocent dove

Of Love
Yet we think it not
Either of self or the other
Because we think in terms of "other"
Because we're so in love with thought

Forgetting that we
That "they"
Are this selfsame Love
That can't be lost, cast aside nor bought

It Is about our brother and sister
Yet not to place any blame
Not to compete with or against
As in some game
Of "lead, follow or get out of the way"

But in that
We feel their spark of divinity
That lead us to recall
Our relationship within infinity
"And beyond"

That brought us to the awareness
Of our untouched affinity
With Love
As God's Blessed Daughter and Son