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Looking for messages from God in our daily world is a good way to realize them. So many times I have said something on the phone and turned around to my computer and there would be an obvious message that was pertinent to the discussion, it had to be from the Heavens. Has that happened to you? The next time I have a good example I'll send it to you.


Oh, yes, dear Margaret, I have! And I want to tell you that your postings are very wonderful. I'm looking for a long one you wrote, and I have to relocate it. Maybe it was under Heavenletters. I will keep looking. This will teach me to respond immediately!

I realize that for me miracles are the things that touch me very much.

For example, the little country San Salvador is sending aid to the U.S. for Louisiana.

There was another one which I just can't remember this minute.

I am so glad that we have that we have this miracles and other wonderful things section.