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Your mind is like a cranky old aunt

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Quado Daily Portion

“Your mind is like a cranky old aunt”

Today I would speak of your perfection.
Yes, your perfection.

Today, I wish for you to police your mind, and when you catch yourself criticizing yourself in any way, even in small ways, I wish for you to gently move on. You may even move on with a smile, acknowledging that old, silly part of yourself that is always jabbering away, criticizing you for this or for that.

Think about this part of you as you would a cranky old aunt who just cannot stop complaining. It’s always one thing or another. And when you talk to her, all she can do is complain about her arthritis and rheumatism, about the neighbor’s last operation and the horrible thing that she read in the newspaper, complain about the taxes she has to pay and the grocery store clerk who treated her poorly. This crabby old aunt lives in your brain, and it is up to you to move on and live a happy, glorious life in spite of her.

Now, like that unpleasant relative, your brain can be made happier. You can give her little treats which keep her quiet for a while. You can do things which please you, which make you feel pampered and cared for, and this will quiet her down for a while. You can talk sweetly to her, compliment her on being such a wonderful, observant person, and then gently ask her if she would mind just reading a book for a while so that you can move on and do productive things.

So, just gently give her something else to do, put her in her own room for a while, and go out and enjoy your life. Do what you want to do, without her interference telling you to do something else. And if she opens up her door and yells out at you, just shake your head and gently go over and close the door. Ask her sweetly if she would mind just going back to her book. And then go on about your life.

There are so many states of your being that you have classified as problems. You have a weight problem. You are poor at math. You just can't handle money. You are unlucky in love. All of these belong to this old aunt, not to you. All of these are labels she has put on you all through your life, picking them up from everyone who passed by and ever made a little comment to you. She has an amazing memory, taking every little slight, every little thoughtless comment, and storing it away, only to bring it out again at the most inopportune moment. Just as you think someone cares for you, she comes out and tells you about how unlucky you are in love and how all men will hurt you in the end. And when this happens, just smile and shake your head, and escort her gently back to her room, and firmly close the door behind her.

You are not a problem to be solved. You are a living, breathing, complex organism. You are perfection itself.

You must be perfect, for you have an entire lifetime which has led you to this moment, every single experience bringing you to this moment. What led you here is not important. What is important is that you have arrived here, now, in this moment of absolute perfection. Opportunities sparkle all around you. Loving people, fun experiences, fulfilling work, all of this is around you, waiting for you to blossom into your own beauty and claim it as your own. Everything you are and have been is here now with you, in wonder and beauty. All of your experiences have led you to being who you are, this wonderful, complex and totally unique person. And this very uniqueness, what separates you from others, is not a problem. It is you. How wonderful!

So just tell that crabby, old aunt to go into her room. And then look around. Breathe in the fresh air. Gaze up at the sky and feel your connection with all that is, with the great wonder and glory that you are. Hold out your hand and watch the snowflake fall into it, while you wonder at the glory of all that is. Be consciously aware of the beauty that surrounds you and your deep connection with it. Let the fresh air of life blow through your mind, clearing out the debris left by unwanted visitors.

Then fill your mind with the golden light of glorious self-love, the flowing golden shaft of light from your own higher self that tells you, now and always, that you are perfection itself, exactly as you are. Everything you have done has led you to now, and now is perfect, glowing, golden. And now, from this place of love and perfection, from this golden glow of being, surrounded by sparkling opportunities, guided and cared for by loving spirits, from this place, you can now take a step out into the world, into the next moment, knowing that you will glow and be exactly as you can. You can glow and be just because you are you, this unique and utterly perfect being.

Here is a little prayer for today

Today, I am full of love: Love for myself, love for life, love for all that is around me. Today, I feel my complete connection with all that is and know that I have an important place in life. And my place in this life, and the way I will fulfill my role, is just to be. To be me. Utterly and completely.

Exactly as I am, I am good. I am love and perfection. I am.

Love & peace,
carriehart [at] msn [dot] com



Your mind is like a cranky old aunt

hey let's love our aunt...

thank you Shahid...

Your mind is like a cranky old aunt

OK VeroniKA
Let's love her.
Where do we begin?
What does she need?
John Riccio
On Sun, 19 Mar 2006 13:48:44 -0600 "veroniKA" <Spiritual_Messages [at] heavenletters [dot] org (Spiritual_Messages [at] heavenletters [dot] org)> writes:

hey let's love our aunt...

thank you Shahid...

love/laugh light and JOY and FUN - Confidence/ Trust and TRUTH

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