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I'm swinging for the third time...

Morning Glori a,

After asking my questions last night I played around with my thoughts, will paste them below this message, and before your newest gem.  I looked at it from the other end, only another view of the truth. 

The way you saw this "next" sceen in our play is enlightening, thanks.  I do feel however that we have many lives to go before we collectively are united.  This is a true evolution we are going through right now.  It not only includes mankind, but all of existence.  We are growing spiritually though, so it's only another bridge we've got to cross.

Thanks to your wise words, my head is up now and the future ahead of me, the past gone forever.  I do have some baggage I've got to unload, it's only holding me down/back, and I've got a long way to go!

Love's Light,

P.S. Gloria, I want to share, but how do I have faith in my work not being plagiarized, I've got to see if I can make a little money with this?  I am going to use it and tie it in with my Pink Light Effect.  Here's my hand, please take it and honor me... 

By Joe Tolve

"I created it, and so did you.  This concept of realism you create for yourselves is nothing more than an imagined illusion that you human's all create for yourselves.  An inner part of you know it, yet you choose to live this deception for entire lifetimes.  Why oh why do you close your conscious minds to the reality of self," asks a strangely familiar yet unrecognizable voice?  "Why do you allow your brains, such a small portion of you to decree your enormity of self?"
"Because I have only one life to live.  It is up to me to enjoy, and get as much out of it as possible!" I whispered to this still unnamed consciousness which had peculiarly taken over my mind. 
"Oh but if only you new the truth," this subliminal voice replied with longing desire in its harmonic voice.  "You are the wholeness of existence, no bars held.  For beginners, you are not the individual you assume you are, for we collectively are just interlacing parts of the wholeness of one.  Secondly, The reality of time is universal, forever the present instant.  Only you humans consider it differently, and that's because you view events occurring at different times to different people.  Although in ttruth like I told you a second ago, there are no different people for we are all just one complete being.  You foolishly (think) that you can only be individuals in a specific moment, yet that moment extends back to when our brother Christ was crucified and eons before.  The reality is, that if it happens to one person, it happens to all of us.  Because I am soul we are the reincarnation of soul, and all of existence under me is comprised of soul, we my children are one.  In truth, it matters not if you label me the living God, the Universal Spirit, Infinite Being, Tao, It/Him/Her, it's the same difference!  Be ye the God/Christ consciousness which you are my beloved.  By means of Your, and I want you to capitalize Your, resurrection, We uniformly have already overcome death.  Yet you create these limiting concepts so that you can carry out your individual acts in this self-scripted screenplay you call life.  Understand that you are no longer restricted by old beliefs.  You cannot be the being I fashioned until you open your mind's eyes and believe."
"Believe what," I naively asked?"
"Why, the reality of self," that patient voice answered earnestly.  "We and all of existence are one," it replied with conviction.  "We are one, and the quicker humanity can accept it the faster he will find fulfillment.  For until man reaches this actuality he cannot be satisfied with even eternal seeking," it tells me as my old body dies and I am forcefully taken from it and raced through other planes of consciousness.  I see planets that by position of their landmasses seemed to be smiling faces.  Others were only shadowy forms that held mystery in their huge ghostly structures which nearly touched other globe-like spheres.  One tiny planet glowed with pink loving light and two eternally young people stood hand in hand.  As I passed it I heard the woman call after me, "Free yourself from your imprisoning concepts before you are lost forever!  Remember always, that we are here waiting for you."   
Fiery gates of hell open before me and even before I reached them I heard screams and pain filled protestations for leniency.  One especially hit me hard, "But I only did what was necessary for survival!  I hardly ever even took your name in vain!  Sure, I did say
g d this person or that, but…"  I then realized in horror that it was me, only I was yelling at the closing gates of hell from the wrong side.  Soul searing pain filled my whole being relentlessly.       
Minutes crawled into agonizing hours, days into weeks, and weeks into months of excruciating pain.  "Sure," I cried, "I did rip-off that car dealer when I was sixteen, but he did it to everyone he could!  I went to church Sundays and holidays, I never hurt another, I never took anything, I hardly ever lied, I raised a family and gave them all the necessities, donated generously to my church, helped disabled people, I even fed homeless people, doesn't any of that count?  After not getting a single reply I found myself wailing along with the billions of others surrounding me, "Why am I here?  What did I ever do to deserve this?" 
At times enormous ocean waves of thought flooded over me, yet nothing even slightly diminished that terrible burning fire of hell.  In those thoughts I saw myself doing different deeds in past lives.  In one I was a starving black boy stealing a loaf of bread, in the next was beaten an inch from my life for a few dollars.  In still another witnessed myself as an aborted fetus moments after conception and reaching awareness of her Godself.  In another was a poor coalminer trapped for days searching for a way out, finally reaching bleak knowledge of failure, and releasing my life to my higher power.  Then I saw myself and my just past life in a new light.  There werer the periods when I was short and even mean to my wife and kids, other colleagues at work, and that once when I slapped my son hard because he failed the ninth grade.  Oh how I ached to be able to apppolygize to all who I had hurt.
I deservedly suffered for years and was never released from the pain that burned every inch of my being.  How I wished that it would only consume me so that I might gain freedom, " But what comes after this?" I franticly wondered.  There was no day, night, month, only uncompromising fire and burning questions of, "Why, what did I do to deserve this?" 
Eons of suffering passed and that strange voice returned to me while I relived my short life as the fetus again.  "You are the reality of your Godself.  What you conceive, you thus create," I heard for the millionth time.  However, this time I heard and felt the meaning of those tender words, "Even as a fetus you are the God creator of everything you conceive," and in that moment was released from hell.  The hell that I had created for myself!  The fire and brimstone kind of hell I and so many of us had learned about in Sunday school.  Oh how my mind had been brainwashed by those wrong ideas that had imprisoned me for lifetimes!  I now realized that we are all free to live as we desire.  Only wrong concepts and powers of control we willingly give others can inhibit us.  "Live my child, live as you desire, for you are God of your life and creation is yours to command." 
I was free at last of this self inflicted hell.  Why had it taken so long for me to realize the power of mind we all possess?  "After all," says my inner God, "we are only what we create, and who wants to create a living hell for themselves and suffer now, or any time in the future?"
I soon came again to that pink planet and just by my looking at it received great emotional feelings of love.  the young couple who I had previously seen called to me, "We've been waiting for you to gain your knowledge of a unified self, so glad you have at last joined us!  You did choose a brave way of burning off many lifetimes of bad karma, and at long last you are able to realize your oneness known as God.  Now come here and be transformed by the pink light of love."
I was taken to a beautiful building that glowed brilliant pink light and after acclimating to its brilliance, was guided indoors.  I was led to a king's thrown-like chair in the middle and given a glass of pure pink liquid and told to slowly drink it's contents.  "It is God's pure love, so drink it slowly so that you are not overcome by its enormous powers of love."  A single drop hit my tongue and I was instantly transformed from my limiting concept of one, to the wholeness of God's universal oneness!  Before the last of it was part of me I was the totality of the Universal consciousness which was God.  The ceiling, floor, and walls glowed even more pink and I was no longer me but the purest light of Love, we call (God.) 
I was cosmic consciousness, aware of all happenings.  This experience I thought was equivalent to me being a single cell in my little left pinky toe, then suddenly becoming every cell of my entire body.  Even more, it was like abruptly becoming every atom of the "Big Bang," and all of existence was born of my reality.  I witnessed the birth of mankind as well as its termination. Its rebirth thirty million years later, and again following a combustible age, Earth's ending.  I was a part of each, and during the third and last rebirth of life, found myself alive in one thousand five times.  I visualized myself as minerals, amebas, then all varieties of land creatures.  I then became a caveman trying to develop an oral means of communication, a primitive farmer, Inca Indian, and an Atlanta teacher.  Wanting a change, waited for a future time when I could discover a greater meaning of self.  This craving desire was fulfilled during my last life time when I learned about heaven and hell.  I now realized that I had come full circle, born of God and reborn in the eternity of God-consciousness.  I needed to learn that we each create our lives and their living conditions to our own specifications.  That we are all interlacing souls of the wholeness of a Universal Spirit Self we call God.
My guests on this planet of love told me seconds before my leaving, "You are consciously aware of self via this awakening.  Relate everything you learned with us and return to life.  Teach others how to create perfect unselfish love for themselves and all of mankind."
"More difficult times are ahead and all of you who will be alive on Earth need to know how they can manifest love," the male told me confidentially.  "Only with this powerful technique will you be able to withstand these trying times."  
"Hold your hands here," said the woman holding the palms of her hands towards me at about shoulder height.  I followed her instructions and she told me, "Now we want you to teach everyone you can how to create enormous love for themselves and for all who they know or desire to know.  Teach these students to project pink love light out of their hands, forehead and heart, the center of love emotions.  Tell them to focus love energy on their coworkers, family, or total strangers who they would like to meet, and to love them as perfect Gods and Goddesses.  This pink light should be focused on them for a half minute or more.  It can and should be done as often as possible, at least ten times daily.  In short, it will create a harmonic world of peace and love."
"In only months it will transform them, their living conditions, and they will become powerful transmitters and magnets of love, and everyone who meets them will sense it.  New loving people will come into their lives.  Old ones who are recipients of their pink light will feel their love and be made whole by it, and love them more."
"We will be watching you and your planet Earth," said the woman demurely.  You have the most difficult task ahead of you.  Reaching others with this new concept is going to be demanding.  Couple that with your being blind, it now becomes even more challenging.  However," she quickly added,"your using the pink light will enable you to dissolve the barriors between you, people will more easily accept you dispite your obvious handicap."
"We expect to see Earth becoming more and more vibrantly pink in the coming months," they said simultaneously.
After fond goodbyes I was free and flew rapidly to Earth and my body which I discovered was being worked on by a group of hospital staff.  "We've got him," yelled a redheaded nurse who's nametag I briefly saw was Rita.  "His bp reached 90 over 65  already, wait, now 110 over 70!"
"Hey Mack, man I thought for a time that you were a goner, thanks for proving me wrong," said a practitioner who had been working the paddles.
My arms were stretched out along my sides and I immediately started to project pink light out of them, my heart and forehead.  I focused it on these dedicated workers and opened my blind eyes that hadn't seen since I was twelve, or nearly 50 years.  My OBE, (out of body) eyes had gotten to see for awhile, and I was grateful for that.  Although, being blind is preferable when compared to just about any other handicap or especially being in hell!  I smiled to myself and a nurse, I think that beautiful redhead said, "Hey, look," he's even smiling!" 
"Well you gorgeous rehead, who wouldn't be smiling after seeing your attractiveness?" I asked.
"Huh, how'd you know?" she asked bending over me.
"Well Rita, these eyes aren't working, but thank God, my mind's eyes were better than normal."
No one spoke for a minute or two and finally I broke the ice, "So, how soon are you releasing me Doc?  I've got books to be written, radio and TV appearances and an audio cd to be made."
"You had a serious heart attack, and need to be monitored over night at least.  I will examine them and you in the morning.  If we find nothing, I can discharge you around lunch time."  I had been a darkroom tech and expected as much.
MY quick response was, "You'll find nothing, but I can understandd why you want me to stay overnight."
I was back into the real world again, or was it?  For hours I had people working on a physical body that really didn't feel apart of this world.  My heart, mind and spirit were on other planes of consciousness.  I was still with those loving beings and living and reliving the connection to God and the feeling of our unity.  Although the whole night past and I was unable to tune into that universal consciousness, I believed that I was one and felt comfortable with that perception. 
When I had gotten into my apartment again I was shocked to find everything as I had left it.  Even my milk hadn't gotten sour!  The hospital staff had told me the date and I was surprised to find it only a single day later than when I had last been aware on this plane.  The planet of love, hell, and every other conception of time and place seemed now to be the illusion.  It just didn't stand to reason that it was only one day, for it felt like it had gone on for eons.
I turned on my laptop and thirty seconds later heard my synthesizer read, "Window-Eyes5.0," the name of my screen reader which allows me to utilize the internet, write via word processing, and enables me to communicate with e-mail friends all over the world.  I did a control-w, which read the opening page entirely.  It allowed me to check the time and date on my laptop, and sure enough I heard, "It is Tuesday March 13th2000, 11:30 P.M.  "Do you mean to tell me that I was out of my apartment only one day?" I whispered to no one in particular.  Even though I had heard the current dates etc. from reliable sourses, including my talking watch and computer, facts of reality were still competing for control of my concepts of time and place.
A moment later my doorbell rang and as I approached it I heard a welcome sound.  "Joe," called my neighbor, "are you alright?"
"Yes sure Ena.  Before I could even get the door fully open an anxious Aaron had pushed her cold wet nose through the opening and was licking my face.  I quickly straightened so that she was able to jump joyously on me. 
"Oh Joe," said Ena, "I was so concerned about you.  I heard your frantic screams for help and before I could get to your door Eron started howling fiercely.  My husband Andy examined you and diagnosed that you were having a strokeafter he discovered you having a seizure.  We were so happy though when the MRI proved him wrong."
"What then was it ena?" I asked curiously.  My Seeing Eye Dog Eron was still craving affection from me and I could hardly take my hand from her.  As soon as I did she would rub her head against my leg.
"Right now we are unsure, but you will have to see a Neurologist as soon as possible, Ena suggested."
"Would you please ask Andy for the name of a good one for me?"  We were good friends and her black lab and Eron were the best of friends.  Andy was a doctor in the hospital where I had been working for the last ten years.
The End

I am here doing everything I can

to make this reality ours,
its outcome is up to you however.
Humanity needs everyone of you
to do your part in getting the word out!
Let's get this message to the world.
Please help me make it a reality for all!!!

If I can be of further assistance write me at p.O. box 4506 Stamford CT 06907.
Love's Pink Light,



I'm swinging for the third time...

hey Joe... write on... your story is wonderful

and spread your pink light
and share your "teaching" it
and if there are others who use it...

isn't the message - pink light around the world?

look - I know about the pink light and its effects...
and I tell my daughter... use it ... and look what happens
and she tells about to her friend...

and so on...

there is no print on the pink light...
but you are that one who has spread it....
and there are some who know you not using it
and there are some who know you using it
and there are otheres using it and do not know about you...

but the pink light runs aound the world....

one love all ways

I'm swinging for the third time...

Dearest Veronika,

Thanks for your thoughts, I've got to just release it to the world.  I shouldn't be trying to convert them with this Pink Light suggestion.  Give them the facts to the best of my ability, and allow it to be used by everyone who reads it.  We do all need it, but it's up to us to accept and its outcome.  My dear, my problem is that I want to get this vital information to everyone alive, and am finding it almost impossible to just let it go.  I want TV/radio talk shows to get me on the air so that others will hear about it.  I've made getting the method out my mission, and I'm no missionary. 

Like your previous message I just read, I am trying to walk next to Jesus, I want everyone to gain real strong powers of love.  Although my prints are all over the place, I am not dancing just yet.  I will when there aren't starving kids, fights, war, ...  But then again, who wants or can, follow footsteps that are all over the place, even if they are dancing feet?

Love's Expanding Light,

    At 02:43 AM 3/18/2006, you wrote:


hey Joe... write on...

and spread your pink light
and share your "teaching" it
and it there are others who use it...

isn't the message - pink light around the world?

look , I know about the pink light and its effects...
and I tell my daughters... use it ... and look what happens
and she tells about to her friend...

and so on...

there is no print on the pink light...
but you are that one who has spread it....
and there are some who know you
and there are otheres using it and do not know about you...

but the pink light runs aound the world....

one love all ways

love/laugh light and JOY and FUN - Confidence/ Trust and TRUTH

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