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HEAVEN #1761 Entranced in Life August 31, 2005

God said:

What is in front of you is in front of you. You are before it. Life is always imminent. It is spread out before you. You enter the stage, and you say your lines, and tomorrow you start again.

Life is nothing but your thoughts, beloveds. You live your life in your mind. Your impressions run your life. They make it up.

You remember the past because of your thoughts, and your thoughts say the past existed, and yet it is all dream. Life exists only in your thoughts.

***P.S. How true. First thing, 'looking back' at my DEATH at age 18, was my complete awareness that the world I had just left behind, had no real substance, that it was 'but a dream.' I desired to come back to THAT DREAM, in this 'time period' and to my same human Earth body---because I knew deep inside of me this would be the 'final curtain' - this would be the final Golden Age when Earth and all of us in body form would Ascend back to our Mighty I AM Creator God Self and I along with many others had 'my part' to play in it. I thank God for this grand experience! Only God within is TRUTH. Bless us all...I AM, Michael
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