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Dearest Pedro,

It seems to me that you are expressing what is to come. And is this not what God in Heavenletters talks about?

I saw Michael Lerner on Book TV yesterday. He has written a book called The Left Hand of God. He said there is a spiritual crisis in this country, perhaps the world, that we’re all hungry for a life of meaning. He noted that school children are taught to compete. One of the first things he would advocate is that each elementary school child be given a younger child to mentor so they could learn the joy of helping someone else. He said that colleges teach that the goal in life is to get ahead, and that the college's success is measured by the income that the graduates make. He would have the country, companies and colleges etc. change their material goals to goals of compassion. I understood him to say that many of us are defeated idealists, giving up before we do anything.

It strikes me, dear Pedro, that you are living your ideals. It takes a brave person to do that. It is most beautiful what you and Renzo are doing.

Santhan did post a response to you, and I don’t know where it went. I will see if I can find it. Santhan also is living his ideals, giving his heart and soul and time and skill to Heavenletters, and he does it for the sake of benefiting the world.

Yes, please send the photos.

God bless you.

With love,


P.S. I found Santhan's message. Here it is:

"I did reflect on whether it was right for me to experience what I am experiencing now while there are those for whom food is a problem. Even today while going about my work I was reflecting on this and yesterday while riding the red bicycle. Beautiful Pedros vibrations were felt all the way over here in Argentina.

"Gloria, in this lifetime I have been blessed with many experiences. One of them was being very poor. No home and sometimes the family and I just managed to buy bread and milk. This was the experience we desired and this was the experience we had. It is so important not to be attached to the experience. Through this un-attachment we realise fully the experience.

"So important not to get dragged down by what we see. It is easy to be pulled down by the illusion of suffering associated with pain and lack. This is where faith is so important. First believing, then knowing and finally experiencing that everything is perfect and the way it is meant to be. Through this process, we will, without any effort raise all souls from the illusion of suffering. With our thoughts. With our projection and intention. With Love.

Well done to Pedro. More help is on its way."

Love, Santhan

More from Pedro:

I happen to order a "lord of war" on cable last night to enjoy with my wife, it was great, based on true events, it will be an eye opener for a lot of people. I'm glad they're making films like these to show the public the "truth" behind everything, and it's a good start to me, this shows that there's still people with good hearts in good places; which to me are he most valuable assets we have to make the change, because they can reach numbers, they have the means and power, as a speaker on Mayan conciousness once said: "you need some power in order to have ethics", but this time power can be used to attract light.

I think we are becoming more demanding for ethics these days, we're fedup with so much darkness, we are starting to crave light and the tranquility it brings to the soul, so after all I think we're in on the right track.

I wonder if that is what it's really meant by the quote on the bible of "Let there be light", that maybe that's our whole purpose here to fabricated as Gloria's letters say.

Bless 'n love