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Third World Reality


This message is extracted from an email conversation with Gloria Wendroff. It was in response to an email from Pedro, who is doing wonderful things in South America, building a spiritual retreat along the beach. Pedro saw great poverty in one of the little villages and was upset by what he saw.

Message extract begins...

I did reflect on whether it was right for me to experience what I am experiencing now while there are those for whom food is a problem. Even today while going about my work I was reflecting on this and yesterday while riding the red bicycle. Beautiful Pedros vibrations were felt all the way over here in Argentina.

Gloria, in this lifetime I have been blessed with many experiences. One of them was being very poor. No home and sometimes the family and I just managed to buy bread and milk. This was the experience we desired and this was the experience we had. It is so important not to be attached to the experience. Through this un-attachment we realise fully the experience.

So important not to get dragged down by what we see. It is easy to be pulled down by the illusion of suffering associated with pain and lack. This is where faith is so important. First believing, then knowing and finally experiencing that everything is perfect and the way it is meant to be. Through this process, we will, without any effort raise all souls from the illusion of suffering. With our thoughts. With our projection and intention. With Love.

Well done to Pedro. More help is on its way.

...end email extract.

The email was about our actions and reactions to what we perceive as suffering. Quite often we hear about drought famine and sickness. Sometimes we may even see it with our very eyes, like in Pedro's case. Seeing it is a very strong experience. How will you re-act? Will you be sad or angry?

Hmmm...maybe from our level of awareness, we see this famine, drought and sickness as terrible suffering. Maybe we decide that this famine and drought is suffering. By so choosing so, we create our experience. The experience we feel anger and blame somebody; To feel sad and blame ourselves.

From a different awareness, this famine, drought and disease may be interpreted as cleansing. A natural process. The precious soul is untouched as always. Only the body withers away.

Most important is look within and see what it is that produces a reaction of anger or sadness. Nothing should interupt Joy and Love. When the Heart has been completely purified, Joy and Love is in continual un-interupted flow. In this state of Joy and Love, you may choose to stop and dedicate your life towards doing something about world poverty, famine and sickness, like Mother Teresa. Or you may say that the world is in more need of Love and Joy than food and may decide to sit in one spot and be enveloped in Bliss and Love, radiating to all that come, like Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi.

In this state of Yoga all is perfect in the world.

Third World Reality

And my first reaction on Pedro's letter was

I have reached everything I can reach here

why shouldn't I go there and bring all that knowing and ... to that place

one love all ways