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Sorry if this was already sent. Something wrong with my voice synthesizer, and/or mail server, things are not being read back to me. No way of my knowing if my messages are getting out. In case it didn't get out, "Copy below:

Dearest Gloria,

You said it all, or did "you?'

Only a second ago I sent out a message I put my whole heart into. It was to a small local newsletter. In it I told of my powerful rediscovery of a method of creating love in Everyone who practices it. I am trying to sell an ebook on Ebay about it. I am aloss about how I am to get this vital technique into everyone from the age of six to 106 hands. I don't want anything except believers, and that it seems is the problem. We are too pessimistic to even try. Maybe it's "too busy) to spend ten minutes daily to change one's life.

You said it below and I don't intend to even try equaling your-God's word. I guess that I've got to be more patient among other things huh?



Dearest Joe,

You are such a great example of not letting obstacles get in your way. Here you are a man without physical eyesight, and here you are, in service to God, giving a pink light technique to help sighted people see!

You know, Joe, God tells us to be concerned with what we do and not the results. We who are involved in the spiritual track just keep plugging along, not minding who doesn’t buy. We just are glad that we are privileged to serve God in the way we have been given.

Let’s face it: The spiritual is a hard benefit to sell. Sometimes you can’t even give it away! I guess it’s just easier to grab popcorn (the relative) than prepare a healthy meal (the spiritual). And I’m not any different! Sometimes I’m the most unspiritual person I know!

Yet, miracle of miracles, God got through to me! Of course, it took me long enough! That God of ours can do anything!

He gave me all the freedom in the world. And we have to do the same. No one has to be committed to what we are committed to. There is no obligation. It’s all free choice.

With love and blessings,


P.S. Just a reminder that Heavenletters are not my words but words that miraculously come through me.