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Gloria'ous God,

My Universal Father thanks for your enlightening Heavenletter.  Now that I've gotten your attention, or rather realize from your message that I've gotten it, I've got to ask can't I diminish karma by being/doing good during this life?  Even more important, can any of us experience the, "I'm here," awakening during this life time, or must we move beyond this present life?  As you know, I've experienced enough in this current body, and can only hope for future rainbows.  As difficult as it is for me to admit, I would rather suffer a hundred times this if I can burn off enough karma so that future existences are on higher planes of consciousness.  I've been warned that I am taking on more karma by my teaching others how to create love.  I find it difficult to believe that enabling someone to be better via this technique could be negative.    Whoops, here I go again, I accept your flowers God and will immerse myself in them and find my fulfillment in their perfection.  They are what they were created to be, and only accept who they are, beautiful flowers.


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Beloved Joe,

Why not be content? Why strive so hard? I do not ask that of you. Why do you ask that of yourself? What exactly is your hurry?

The intellect tries to understand. The intellect fights a losing game. But, ah, the heart! That is another story. The heart already knows.

Be content that I know, and that I love, and that you are in My hands. Who said you have to have absolute contentment? Have peace instead. Have trust.

In physical blindness, you have had to learn trust. And now you are learning trust in Me. You are not out there all alone. Never were.

There is nothing you have to accomplish. Your assignment is to have and give joy. Not to improve yourself or anyone. Give joy. Approve. Approve of yourself. Pat yourself on the back and say, “Hey, myself, well done. God is pleased with me, and I am pleased with myself.”

Send pink light to yourself, beloved. You need your own love. Eschew judgment. Weighing things so heavily keeps content away from you. You do not have false learnings to overcome. You have judgment to overcome.

Yes, Joe, you and I are One. I know that is a puzzle. But it is not one you have to solve. You are not to crease your forehead. Smile instead.

Absorption happens on its own. Joy and love are not something you have to study. They have nothing to do with study. They have to do with Being.

You have one life to live right now. Let the future take care of itself. You are an eternal Being. Certainly, this life on Earth is not the only one, beloved. It is not even the only one now. You know you live on different levels. However, leave curiosity to the cat.

As for structure, you do not need to be an all or nothing Joe. You will find that there is a church you can go to that will feel good to you. Try some out with an open mind, for there are open-minded churches that refrain from dogma. Do not indict churches. Follow the tap-tap of your heart.

I bless you now. I blessed you yesterday. And I bless you tomorrow. I, God, bless you and love you.

Forever God am I.

God bless you!
With love, Gloria

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