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General Questions

Hi there, Gloria asked me to post this, apparently these are quite common questions, so.... enjoy. My name's Neil, and it's great to share in this community. Bless ya! Hope we can help each other and expand together.

These are some of my questions to God:

Dear God,

First, what did you mean by don't believe the hype?

Thank you for the continuous support and advice and love. It's so nice to think in terms of a loving deity, not a nasty one to use a childish word.

So I guess what you're driving at is that I don't NEED anything to be happy. This is different from desire presumably. I can grasp that intellectually, but it has not been my experience...yet, but i see no reason as to why it couldn't be. Is it true, the more joyful we are, the quicker desires come to us? Equally, is it true that negative emotions cause negative situations? And if this is "true" how does that differ from "Truth"

It seems the world is going so fast! Everybody seems to have so many problems, and I like to help people, but I cannot sort them all out! The idea of just being able to sit down, be happy and content slowing way down seems wonderful. (Out of the rat race). Equally sometimes i would like to be fast and dynamic.

In relationships, I have certainly experienced attachment to a ridiculous degree, and to be honest it was miserable- yes my relationship history has been a bit colorful to say the least- dependency to the extreme. Now, (and I'm going to be utterly honest here) I'm not sure if I want just sex, or a deeper relationship, or some casual flings. Errm, what DO women want, and why did You make them so complicated Quick question, why did you make sex so powerful, and women so attractive when we have to repress it as much as possible? Did you really mean no sex before marriage? In many cases it no sex after!

You say that money is not enough. Well on instant response, I would like to have plenty- enough to be/do have whatever I wanted, and I would help others as well, with it. I like being generous.

I would rather have money than no money. I am a bit undisciplined really. Now I don't mind hard work as long as I am enjoying it; I would like to balance it though to be honest- have money work for me rather than me work for money. I am on rather low pay where I am, and yes, I desire more. Now if I could do that by following my heart, great. Perhaps there is more in my heart but I am not sure what that is to be honest. Input appreciated.... I like being excited about what I do of course. I love humour- usually rude and edgy!

I do love being on the radio, to entertain, it's a great buzz making people laugh. I like the idea of belonging to a successful organization and the pride and kudos of that, and to say I didn't would be a lie. Radio can be a unifying factor as well as is music. Hmmm purpose is an interesting word. What could that purpose be? And how does one go about finding it? I know, I'll ask God!

So what is your dream God? And how can I help? Are you a good employer? Fancy a beer sometime?

Also, I have realised just how much of my thinking is negative a lot of the time, and there is a part of me that thinks I'm evil, or at least that there is a bad part. Can you reassure me here a bit, and I promise I wont ask again! Let's face it, there are quite a few bits, most probably, that are not that spiritual or not spiritual at all, I can still be compeditive..and worse...and to be honest I'm tired of the inner conflicts and confusion...

You mentioned letting go of wounds and I am willing to- but how?

What could I do, that would be a great success, prosper me and others and be fun in the process, leaving time for play and relaxation?

Don't want to use you as a life coach but...

Still willing to talk directly..

and do You really appreciate me?

With love, Neil

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"Make it an ale Neil!"

I'm new to this philosophy but have learned that if we have the questions, we've got the answers. Currently and recurrently Love is the only answer we need. Do you want to work? Are you doing good, helping others, spreading a bit more love around, sharing feelings, being fair to self and others? Then work might be best for you. Would you like to sit at home watching TV, playing games on a computer, drinking with the guys/girls? "Know yourself and know Godself." What's your purpose of being alive? Love yourself, a human, and love your universal Godself. Neil, stop to see the flowers, pick one and breath in its essance. Be the rose and allow it to be you. God has created your soul so that one day you might unite with Him and be ye united as one. You are a soul living in a body, not a body possessing a soul. That connection between you and your God/Godesss, is whole. Be ye whole, and go in peace.

Love's Pink Light,

General Questions

Well, thanks Joe, both/and to be honest!

Big love


God's Answer to Neil

God to Neil:

Neil, Neil, Neil,

Use Me as a Life Coach. Is there one better? And know that I am within you, and that all your seeking is to dig Me out of your heart. A little at a time is called for more than all at once. But you want major surgery, don’t you? You want a total revamping.

You would like Me to appear full-blown, all your questions answered to your satisfaction, and then what, beloved? Then what? You want perfect satisfying answers that fit into your present active consciousness, and you want to leap a hundred steps ahead. You want to enter the Palace before you reach the grounds – before you leave your bed!

Life is processing. My children on Earth are in a constant state of preparation. You keep getting ready, keep trying on new clothes, as it were, seeking that perfect outfit. The trying-on is life. The perfect outfit fitting perfectly is not life. Getting all the answers is not life. Finding out is life. Diving in is life. Living life without foreknowledge is life. Not depending on outcomes is life. You cannot be done with life, for you are in it.

Consider life a great meal. It is nice to have it catered and served, and yet, most of the time, you have to cook it yourself. Sometimes the steak you broil is undercooked or overcooked and sometimes it is just right by your standards. Yet steak is steak. And life is life. It is always going to be life. And you will be learning, and you will succeed. You can only succeed in life, yet what you envision as success and what I see may well not be the same.

Let’s put it another way. Are you a success with money and not a success without? Are you a success with a beautiful woman at your side and not a success without?

Enough sitting at the table waiting to be served. Get up.

All the answers are within you. To find the answers, you explore in actuality as well as in your mind. Columbus envisioned sailing around the world. He also got up and sailed it. He did not wait for the perfect weather. And, look, he discovered greater than he had thought. He did not bemoan that he had found a new land and not the one he had expected. He had set off in a direction. He didn’t really know where he was going. If he had known exactly where his adventure would take him, what would the adventure be? And if he had discovered that the world was flat, would he not still have had his adventure?

You have already given yourself some directions to go in. Go in them and see where they take you. Your life is up to you, beloved. Life is not a waiting game. I serve you, but I am not the butler or concierge. I am at your service. I serve you with all My heart. I am at your side, but it is not that you snap your fingers and your wishes are instantly fulfilled.

There is difference between wishes and desires. Wishes you think about. Desires you move toward. You get up and go after them. Your desires will meet you.

Meanwhile, do not take life so seriously. Whatever transpires, you are “in”, Neil. Of course, I speak to everyone. Right now I will call everyone Neil, Beloved Neil. You are asking your questions on behalf of mankind.

As for your question about physical love, stay with love, and physical union will serve the universe. Mating is physical, and yet it is more than physical. How you feel about your partner is integral. Not to be using your partner is integral. But if two people contract to use each other, then that is their contract, and in the sense that they chose, it is fair. The agenda is clear. No one is taken advantage of. There is no subterfuge, and no seduction as it were. It is an exchange agreed upon by those whom it involves.

As mighty as sexual desire is, those who have experienced great love say that love is mightier. No one can have sexual union all the time, yet love can be around the clock.

Too much is made of sexual union. More attention is given to physical union than to love. The style today, as advertised, is that you must engage and you must have prowess, as if physical union were a performance, or a hobby, or a sport, and love is something kept separate. And sexual union becomes a skill like driving a car.

And judgment also runs rampant. Even those who give themselves license may view their life style as shady regardless of their braggadocio.

Judgment breeds fear and guilt. Better not to feel fear and guilt. Better to have understanding than judgment. Let people become responsible from vast vision rather than fear of wrong-doing.

Everyone knows what a great force physical desire is, and few can withstand it.

Judging makes you snobbish. Everyone has free will, and their free will is according to their consciousness.

We can compare sexual engagement with reading a book. Some people like to read poetry and some prefer mysteries. Some prefer light reading and some go for great long-lasting literature. What book or books you care to read is, I believe, still up to you. And if you want to read sitting up or lying down is your choice. And if you want to read more than anything else or you don’t want to read at all, that is also your choice.

Everyone knows that a basic reason for sexual drive is to keep the Earth populated. Without desire, who would bother to mate? This same drive that keeps the Earth populated torments you because of rules and warnings you have been inundated with and also because of a sense of responsibility. The physical act also reflects the intrinsic driving desire for the ecstasy of Oneness. The desire for Oneness keeps you going.

No, I do not condemn anyone for sexual intercourse before marriage. If that were the case, I would condemn most of the world’s population and I would be condemning My children for an urge I gave and made strong. Furthermore, if I condemned, I would have to judge first. I am not a hypocrite. I do not tell you not to judge while I sit on a throne and judge right and left. It is all too complicated to judge anyway. Better just to love.

Give love a chance to grow before physical union. Stay away fear and guilt.

Another strong desire you are born with is the desire to eat and drink. Very strong. Food, like physical union, is not meant to be an indulgence. Nor is it meant to be a list of rules and restrictions that you must follow or dodge around, for both food and sexual union are a part of life.

You accept that desire is a strong force. Then desire an end to thoughts of your wounds. Decide, beloved. Decide you don’t have to keep the thoughts. They do not belong to you. Scars fade. Let your wounds fade as well. You ask how to let go of wounds. Rather than asking how, know why. Life is not really so much how to’s, beloved. Life is lived in doing and in Being. Rise above wounds. Drop them. Let them go. How do you let go of wounds? Know you can. And if some stick around, don’t give so much mind to them. Replace feeling wounded with feeling blessed. Don’t you know I bless you with every beat of your beautiful heart?

As for negative emotions, they make you sour or bitter. Consciousness is not straight across the board. You can have a higher consciousness sometimes, and a lower one other times. Negative is lower. You are likely to attract, and life to coincide with where your thoughts are. This is all unspoken, of course, and there are zig-zags and assorted timings. Nevertheless, just as the vibrations of certain sounds can settle you and vibrations of other sounds disturb, so do the vibrations of your thoughts and emotions emit a vibration that can draw equal consciousness to you. Of course, sometimes you escape this, and other times your positivity is disturbed. The thing is you feel better when you love than when you don’t. And it is nicer to be around you when you love than when you don’t. And that is really far as you can go with it. It is better to be positive than negative without regard for what’s down the line. Be positive for what it does for you right now.

As for appreciation, if I am a God of Love, what would I be doing but appreciating you? I see your light, Neil. I do not count errors. You do enough of that. I see the Truth of Who you are while you look at flaws. You look at details while I see Wholeness. Come over to My perspective. Hold no negativity toward yourself. Whatever the world may say about you, what I say is true. The world, according to its publicity, does not pursue Truth. You do. Be a good public relations person for yourself. Do it for Me.

As for hype, dear Neil, do you have to be what the world calls success? You read all these treatises on how to be a success. You come from a premise that you must be successful, and you must be according to world standards.

Success can come unbidden. Let it be a by-product of your life rather than the goal.

Worldly success is convenient. Everyone would like it, Neil. That is nothing new. Meanwhile, you live life. And don’t kid yourself. That is hype. Absolutely, with monetary wealth, you would be generous. And you like the picture of yourself as someone who spreads money around. But to say you want wealth so you can be generous is hype. It may be true, but that is not your reason.

Anything that is ego is hype.

Be generous now. Be more generous now. Don’t wait. Withholding generosity is holding on to the false premise that you don’t have enough to give and must wait for something to be added to you.

Neil, in general, stop thinking so much. Stop thinking about balance. Live and love instead.

Every day on Earth, count as a success. It is a success when you get up, and it is a success when you go to bed. When you see your life as a success every day, what are you likely to have more of? But you have to be innocent, dear one, and that means to follow your heart, not for the sake of a reward, but for its own sake. This minute of life is good enough. It may even be perfect. Yes, I would say it is perfect.

Let your intellect rest a while. I speak to everyone, Neil. Your questions are everyone’s. You came forth to ask them, and all will gain because you asked. Now let questions rest for a while. Be one who loves and let it go at that.

And so now, I give My love to all, for all are My Beloveds.

Respectfully, God

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Dear God's Gloria,

Again this message was special, has won a place on my hard drive Word. Like you said, it was written for a collective Neil. I am so grateful for it. Neil's questions were an echo of what I've been thinking/feeling, and even trying to get answered. This message from you answers many of them and I/Neil/members, will take Ggod's word for what it is, truth. I am learning the true reasons for our lives here via these powerful words.

Before the final curtin how does one reinforce this teaching? I will reread this message over and over again, but do need more. I've got a life time of faulse teachings to overcome, and I do want to do it during this life. Regardless God, do we get other chances in other lives? Must I just be content with what I am able to learn during this life? I've heard we are souls living in human bodies, and will get other future bodies to inhabit so that we are able to obsorb this teaching. Hey God, am I you and you me? Is this life the only one we get to experience? I'm hungry and unless I can learn and most of all believe, my desires will be unfulfilled. How is it that I am not able to find absolute satisfaction? Can I, or must I just relax and let God?

I discovered an effective method of creating love and for 15 years have been content thinking and writing about it. It has been enough until now. I am feeling as if I need structure in my life, yet I am somehow beyond that place in a pew.

LPL, (Love's Pink Light,"

General Questions

Dear Joe,

What a magnificent open response this is. I mean Wow!

Let’s refer this to the Source!

Let’s see what God has to say to you.

With love and blessings,


General Questions

I see what you mean by Judgmental.
I must learn to trust myself.


God's Response to Joe

Beloved Joe,

Why not be content? Why strive so hard? I do not ask that of you. Why do you ask that of yourself? What exactly is your hurry?

The intellect tries to understand. The intellect fights a losing game. But, ah, the heart! That is another story. The heart already knows.

Be content that I know, and that I love, and that you are in My hands. Who said you have to have absolute contentment? Have peace instead. Have trust.

In physical blindness, you have had to learn trust. And now you are learning trust in Me. You are not out there all alone. Never were.

There is nothing you have to accomplish. Your assignment is to have and give joy. Not to improve yourself or anyone. Give joy. Approve. Approve of yourself. Pat yourself on the back and say, “Hey, myself, well done. God is pleased with me, and I am pleased with myself.”

Send pink light to yourself, beloved. You need your own love. Eschew judgment. Weighing things so heavily keeps content away from you. You do not have false learnings to overcome. You have judgment to overcome.

Yes, Joe, you and I are One. I know that is a puzzle. But it is not one you have to solve. You are not to crease your forehead. Smile instead.

Absorption happens on its own. Joy and love are not something you have to study. They have nothing to do with study. They have to do with Being.

You have one life to live right now. Let the future take care of itself. You are an eternal Being. Certainly, this life on Earth is not the only one, beloved. It is not even the only one now. You know you live on different levels. However, leave curiosity to the cat.

As for structure, you do not need to be an all or nothing Joe. You will find that there is a church you can go to that will feel good to you. Try some out with an open mind, for there are open-minded churches that refrain from dogma. Do not indict churches. Follow the tap-tap of your heart.

I bless you now. I blessed you yesterday. And I bless you tomorrow. I, God, bless you and love you.

Forever God am I.

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Goria'ous God,

My Universal Father thanks for your enlightening Heavenletter. Now that I've gotten your attention, or rather realize from your message that I've gotten it, I've got to ask can't I diminish karma by being/doing good during this life? Even more important, can any of us experience awakenings during this life time, or must we move beyond this present life? As you know, I've experienced enough in this current body, and can only hope for future rainbows. As difficult as it is for me to admit, I would rather suffer a hundred times this if I can burn off enough karma so that future existences are on higher planes of consciousness. I've been warned that I am taking on more karma by my teaching others how to create love. I find it difficult to believe that enabling someone to be better via this technique could be negative. Here I go again, I accept your flowers God and will immerse myself in them and find my fulfillment in their perfection. They are what they were created to be, and only accept who they are, beautiful flowers.


General Questions

Yo Joe,

Got to jump in here. You are already diminishing your
karma. Karma is a product of living soley in the
secular surface world of action and reaction. Once you
turn inwards towards the spiritual and the heart seat
of God you are turning your back on the process of
karma. You may be living out the effects of karma
gained from previous actions, but this is merely the
end of that process. In addition, once you turn
towards God he begins dissolving most of your karma
for you. It is said that for every step you take
towards God he takes ten towards you. He is cleansing
you while you walk to him.

This time that we are in is a time of Pisces
connection with the spiritual. We all have the ability
to experience awakenings at this time, and many, many
have already. This age has been an age of saints,
sages, and yogis, all human beings who have awakened
to the God self within. We are now in the end-time of
this age wherein all people will be given the chance
to awaken to our God-self. Veronika and Adrachin are
part of the New Age process of disseminating
information about the transformation process that is
coming very soon to all of humanity.

Gloria's Heavenletters speak directly to the heart and
reading them opens us up to our awakening process. God
put His/Her Love energy into them and that energy
releases directly into the human heart when read and
thought about. These letters are an intregal part of
the process of human awakening, part of the transition
that is happening right now. You are awakening right
now. Now, let go of the limiting idea that you must go
thru suffering anymore. Just be in the Love that comes
thru heavenletters and enjoy the ride.

Your Pink Love may or may not create more karma. If it
does create karma it has to be good karma, what is
called Grace in Christian terminology. It goes
directly to the goodness in your own heart.

Enjoy the dance,

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Dear robert,

I was breaking into this philosophy a year ago. Then by Accident and I've
felt that nothing happens by accident, I rediscovered a religion I had
hardly touched on 17 years ago. My finding it again told me that it was
the religion that I "should" be studying. It is teaching me things like
karma, reincarnation which have been foreign to me until now. I am
enjoying being and studying with these people and growing from what they
profess. Here I am only 18 hours away, and that teaching is running through my head, even though I want to accept this philosophy you and Gloria and others are teaching me. I'm sorry right now that I had joined this group, am learning a lot right here. I shouldn't conflict my life anymore than what it is. Just dawned on me now, I am feeling this enormous drive to become enlightened because that old influence of this one life is still pleaguing me. Your just talking about, "This being the end age of our becoming one," tells me that I've got to get it now!!! A healthy way of thinking is to maybe wonder how wide this "ending age" might be? Maybe I have another ten lives to go? Maybe I can play and enjoy the game of life I am in?My rediscovering the secret of this method of mine should take me to places where I might enjoy living a bit more. "fly me to the moon." "Up up and away!"


Dear Joe

It is so sad that so many have been pulled down by burdening religious teachings, the source of pain for so many. It is very hard not to indict the church. I find your words touching, and I am so glad that I am asking the right questions. And I will keep doing so. I am glad to help. Don't be down on yourself my friend. Let your karma run over your dogma! It's interesting that dogma spelled backwards is am god! Perhaps we have most things backwards. Selfishly love yourself and you will have more to give.

Love you man


General Questions

Dear, dear Joe,

All that is required is to desire enlightenment, and
it will come. We may not notice its coming until after
some change has been made in us. The center of all
desire is the heart, and the deepest desire that
humanity has is the desire for love. We accept it in
small ways easily. The love of a good woman or the
love of a child. When we desire to experience the deep
Blissful Love of God then magical things happen. Our
desire carries us towards that experience.

Enlightenment is the awareness that comes with the
Love that is expressed in heavenletters as well as
from divine hearts all over the world. There is
nothing else. The intelligence of the heart opens the
intelligence of the mind to greater ways of
understanding. Karma and reincarnation are all
expressions of living in a physical universe AND doing
so without remembering who we really are as
expressions of the Love that is God. Once we remember
that we are Love then karma dissolves and
reincarnation is no longer required for us to go

All these philosophical ideas are sometimes exciting
for the mind to ponder. Enjoy them, but always strive
to first understand them from the heart. The
sentiments of heavenletters are the very foundation
lessons of all spiritual group teachings around the
world, and throughout all time.

All the great teachings right now push us to see
beyond the struggle between right and wrong, light and
dark, karma and reincarnation, to see ALL as being
ONE. The expression of that ONE is the Love that we
really are. The messages of heavenletters are deeply
connected to this process.

Love alone binds us to God and spiritual success. The
path of knowledge is founded in Love and compassion if
it is to succeed. Doubt, fear and intellectual
rhetoric tend to lure us away from our true spiritual
center. Use your Pink Light on yourself.

And yes, enjoy this life you have. Enjoyment is an
expression of Love. It is the process of being in joy
within activity. En-joy-ment. You will find
enlightenment much faster when you are enjoying your
life. It is said that God surfaces in our lives in
happiness and happy situations. Happiness is founded
in Love.

It's time to Yuk it up,

Hi all

I think it's great that we can all support each other here.


Does anyone ever feel that they are living in 2 worlds? Like the normal everyday reality, and the bigger one? Does anyone else find it hard to reconcile the 2? Does it do anyone elses head in? When we read this stuff we kinda go higher, then does it seem weird when we go back into regular reality, with all the negative stuff going on? Am I making any sense at all?

General Questions

This is one of the finest messages I have ever read, Neil.
Blessings and love,

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I think it's great that we can all support each other here.

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Question for God

So, exactly what do you want from us?

...and what should our experience be? Should it be unending bliss and joy? Seeing things as more radiant? Feeling better? Or just normalness with peace?

....and why do I feel so darn weird all the time?

General Questions

Neil, you asked about the two "realities":

one little story that happened to me last week - and that all day long...

As a teacher I stood in my classes and in every lesson I thought - this lesson I have already given - everything I say was said - everything that happens already had happened...
and when I told this my students, one of them answered, of course I got this lesson last night...

sometimes we can't manage this
sometimes it doesn't matter
most times the joyfull bliss is to be brought to the surrounding by being that loving free from any condition...
and so we enjoy our lessons... even if it is maths!!!!

the greatest difficulties for me are.. I very often do not understand the actions of the others... don't they feel all the hurts? they submit to their co's?

General Questions

Dear Neil,
I have this feeling of living in 2 different realities all the time. I do only spiritual translations, and when I do them, I get totally immersed in them, and when I 'come back' to the daily life, sometimes it's really weird. Sometimes I feel quite 'absent' all day long and I have to struggle to focus even on putting one foot in front of the other.

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No Neil,

You're not making any sense. But you're not alone believe me Pal! I've discovered this powerful technique for creating love, and even though I've witnessed it's effect, often forget to use it, especially when having troublesome moments. Brainwashing is the term. We've got many years of it, everyone about us believing it, and overcoming this effect is most difficult. Do you give meditation a fair try? Not that I'm bragging or anything, it does help by putting enough of our current thinking out of the way. Every time I do it I am moved into a wonderful way of feeling and thinking. Use a montra for a half an hour and try to focus on it alone. You can make a word up, works just as well I find. How 'bout "love?" Say it and feel enormous love pouring in and through you. Expand your heart to the world and feel even more love being returned to you. Focus on it with every cell of your body, and other thoughts will diminish.