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A big hello to you all

Hi to you all here. I just signed up today to receive these inspiring words.....the energy from them and even from this Forum is so, so soft and sweet. I got here via the Harmonic Concordance email site......and the Forum there.

The heartfelt energy here is what draws me in.

Blessings to all, Carolyn

A big hello to you all


Welcome here to Heavenletters, my name is Emmy and I hope you will feel at home here...... :)



Welcome Carolyn!

Hello Carolyn & welcome!
I am also a member f the Harmonic Concordance! Are you familiar with Lynn? I have known her about 3 years myself...I am glad you have found Heavenletters. This is a great place of love, sharing, & God. We welcome you & hope you will share yourself with us.
Jennine & all