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Greetings Everyone!

Hello ...

I read about the new Heaven Letters Forum in Gloria's last email news update ... which was an awe inspiring letter in itself. Such blessings flowing into and out of Heaven Letters!

Being new I'll just introduce myself briefly and read up on other posts, maybe get a chance to reply to some. I pray this work is a real blessing to all and hope to be able to check in here quite often.

Have a wonderful day, evening ... what ever the time is with YOU! :D

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a welcome and a thought...

Hi Catherine,
I noticed you're having some technical problems reading the posts.
(Which makes me wonder why I'm writing this, if you can't read it?)

I'm guided to write anyway. If you've not figured it out yet...(yet how could you if you can't read the messages?)
...our tech Guru, Andrachin is on his honeymoon with his bride and our moderator VeroniKA. When you are able to read the messages, I hope that you will read this and know that while you aren't able to read the messages- We are prayerfully affirming that you get to read the messages soon.

with everloving goofiness,