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Posting pictures here....I'm technologically challenged

Hi Everyone. I am not to savvy about posting pictures here. I seem to just get the names posted, and not the pictures. Can anyone help, please.

Thank you and many blessings,
Lynne~Rainbow Dancer

Posting pictures here....I'm technologically challenged

As it seems that I am that one who posts the most pictures I will tell you:
1 - click on Add an Attachment

2 - you choose the filename from your pictures on your computer

3 - you click on Add Attachment

4 - if you want to post a picture you have to write somthing in the posting window

and then if o
you want to preview click there - if not then just submit
and your picture will be shown with your posting

it is really easy, dear


Thank you VeroniKA

I will give it a try when I have a moment. Thank you so much for responding!

Many blessings and love,