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Hi. How are You?

Hi. How are you?
How's the world treating you?
What's been going on?
Anything on your mind?

Have you a worry,
A care, you'd like to share?

Things gone so crazy,
that faith you thought you had;

News out there so negative,
That being positive,
is next to impossible?

Does your opinion seem to matter?
Do your words seem to change anything important?

Do your great hopes seemed dashed
and your fines dreams seem impossible?

Yet, where would this world be without you?
Think of how many depend on you,
Your love?

That's what really matters.
That's what really makes a difference.

One, two, three
Lives changed,
sent on a spritual mission,
saved from the pit of dispair, grief, anxiety, fear
and worse
Can change the course of the world.

You know?

I've heard it said that if a butterfly in China
decides to change his diredction
for just a moment,
one second going south instead of east perhaps;

The whole history of civilization
can change as a result.

Funny, but it seems.

John Stefan Riccio

Hi. How are You?

Hello John,

Thanks for your gem! It sure is sparkly! You got me thinking, feeling, and acting on your wonder filled message! I've read it twice now and will bring it into Word where I can read it word by word, hear punctuation marks and even check spellings of particular words.