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Comments on Various HL's


The closer your thoughts are to Me,the more you are indemnified. My thoughts fill you with the energy of love. My thoughts lighten you. Just the thought of Me does wonders for you. Just think of it.

Dear God,I was thinking today that how we humans
(Including me) hardly give much quality time and
thought to you,our very own Creator.I get distracted everyday
by thoughts of money,Career,Business,Movies,
Music etc.

Its like ignoring your own mother and doing a million
other things while she waits at a corner for your
love and recognition.

I wish every child was taught right from birth
to have more "God-Thoughts"(God is within me,
God takes complete care of my life etc) than "World Thoughts"
(Make Money,Marry,Focus on Goals etc)then what a Beautiful being they would grow up to be.
Sometimes I wish someone had taught me this in my childhood.But since they havent taught
me,I choose to teach myself now and not complain.
I am not Perfect,My Life is just like a Road
under construction,still learning new things!!


You thought perhaps you were a wolf in sheep’s clothing, or a sheep in wolf’s clothing, and now you find that, unbeknownst to you, you were angel in the guise of Human Being all along.

God,Why do we forget we are Divine?Why do we live with lack,
Fear,Doubts,Mind Chatter and ignore our very own
essence?When a Plane is on Fire,People jump out with parachutes.Likewise,I wish God had made a Button
or something in us that we could pull to remember
we are Divine,when we are on Fire for the Truth and
not just a Limited Physical Mortal Machine.


You have read many books, and you quote from them.You read great thoughts, and you parlay them.Today I ask you to let go of quoting other sources and find the resources within you to have a voice and to allow the greatness within you to be spoken.

God,this is just what I have been doing all this
while.You say find you within us.Easier said than done
God.How do we find you within us??Today the
New-Age Market is flooded with so
many Books,CD's,Ways about you God that
even you would have a memory loss if you
went thru it all.

Finally sometimes I wish God had an email a/c so that
I could communicate with him to and fro to my
utmost satisfaction.How Wonderful that would be..

Comments on Various HL's

Sahid, last May I was in India with Sai Baba, and You are correct, God will provide us in everything, but He does not say: do not think not about the world, money etc. You may try it but until we are ready for it we have to make money for we have to eat, isn't it so? please try sometime NOT to make money and You'll end like the beggars I saw in Bangalore.
mmmm.... please, do not try, until You're so enlightened that You are able to live on light only. (see Yasmuheen or the Masters of the far east, or Saint German and many others who are more developed (at this moment) as we are
Love Gert


Dear Shahid, this is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. I think you said so well what is in each of our hearts. What you say is what we all long for. You have said this so well, what is there for me to say?

The only thing is, you say you wish God had an email address. I know he has a telephone! The line is always open. All you have to do is dial. I am sure you can write to him at any time and that He receives your email. with joy.

I believe He always will answer as well. By what means, we don't know. Sometimes direct. Sometimes indirect.

You have everything within your own heart. Your heart is richer than the whole world.

Gert, what you say, I know what you mean. I don't have this worked out. Perhaps it is a question of faith. On the other hand, as you indicate, we are not meant to sit and do nothing. Yet, when we keep giving to the Universe, does it not say Yes to us? When God is the Highest, isn't that what we want to attain? There are so many sides to this.

I think it is so meaningful to respond to comments, and I want to thank you.