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HEAVEN #1902 Waves of Love January 19, 2006

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HEAVEN #1902 Waves of Love January 19, 2006

God said:

Picture the world expanding. Picture it reverberating out in waves.
Picture the world expanding until everything is encompassed within. There are no edges to the circle. There are no corners. In this Vastness of the Universe, you seemingly abide, and yet, beloveds, you are the Vastness.

Picture your heart expanding. Picture it reverberating in waves.
Picture your heart expanding until everything is encompassed within. Nothing is left out. All is contained within your heart. The ocean and everything. Your heart is an ocean of love, and it covers all the shores. Ocean alone is your heart. It is an ocean without shore, without bottom. And yet your heart goes deep.

From a tiny cell of thought, you manifested. Why would you think that expansion is something that exists apart from you? Expansion is your very nature.

Every time your heart crimps, you have somehow crimped it. You have tried to regulate its flow. Would you really try to control the tide of the ocean? Would you really try to stem the tide of your heart?

You feel you either love too much or too little. You would direct your heart. Let the love in your heart stream where it will. Let your heart practice love. Let it give itself away. What would you keep it for?

Be glad every time your heart loves. Even if it loves fantasy, let it. Let the love in your heart take its course. It will reach Me. All love reaches Me. All love issues to and from Me. Free your heart to love everything in the world. You are not to make your heart an abject servant who must love in one place and not in another.

Fall in love. It is your own heart you fall in love with. Love everyone as your own. They are more than your own. They are you, beloveds.

When you love My words, you love them because they already existed in your heart. My words echo what your heart already contains. Do My words not warm your heart? The warmth already exists in your heart. Do My words increase your compassion for the sightly and unsightly? The compassion was already in your heart. Do My words increase your love for yourself? Then My words have alighted on the love that already stirs in yourheart.

When love from your heart falls everywhere, it also falls on you.
You are your own beloved.

Come, We will nourish the depths within your heart. We will walk around in it and see where all your love is. Your heart is one great entrance and exit, and there is no one-way arrow. Your heart is a ramp on which love slides. How tender and wonderful is the love in your heart. Let it be seen.

Be vulnerable to love. Be a prototype of love and reveal what a heart can do. There is nothing that a heart cannot do. There is nothing that a heart cannot undo. There is nothing for a heart to do but to give out overlapping waves and waves of love, love overtaking the world, flooding the world with itself, with its vibrancy, with its astonishing waveness, coming from the depths of itself, revealing itself like a splashing dolphin. Drown yourself in love. You are destined to swim in love. Make waves of love.

Is there something else your heart is supposed to be doing?

Let your heart overflow its banks and so encompass the whole world.

Give your heart away. Give it to Me. I give it back to you anyway.

Copyright@ 1-19-06

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