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HEAVEN #1901 Living Life January 18, 2006

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HEAVEN #1901 Living Life January 18, 2006

God said:

The more you free love and life to their own devices, the more love and vitality will be yours. Love is not a rope that lassoes what you want it to. Love casts its line, yet love must not be weighted down with an anchor.
Sometimes your thoughts have been anchors. Tell Me, is it not true that you have wanted to thumbtack life to a bulletin board and make it stay and make it appear as you will for as long as you will?

But life is not pinnable. You can't nail it. You can't even glue it.
You can only enjoy it.

Living life is like being at a concert. Some of the music you like more than others. And yet you sit there during all the variations of music and listen. During brief intermissions, you get up and walk around, and then
you go back and sit down to welcome more music.

Life, of course, has no intermission. It goes on constantly. And yet you can sit still in the midst of it. Being is still. Being knows only stillness. It is like a silent fife. It stays silent no matter what music is played around it. And yet, from its silence, that fife heralds all the music. Unnoticed, often unrecognized, it is most powerful just the same. It is the most powerful.

God blew that little fife. The music resounds there still. So powerful, it is the source of all the music that your ears do hear.

I planted that fife in you, and music is continually piped to you.
You are never out of My hearing. It is not that I spy on you. I give you an ongoing gift. You may not see where it is plugged in. You may be superficially unaware of it, yet that magical gift is yours. You have it.

The silent fife is like a talisman. Take comfort that it is in the pocket of your heart. Just know it is there and you have it. Yes, you have an amulet in your heart. This little fife of Mine is quite a connector. It connects Us, and it connects Us for all non-time, and it connects the universe and everyone in it. It is wireless.

You don't question wireless computers. Why, then, would it be a great step for you to acknowledge a God of love whose workings you cannot hold in your hand and yet from which you derive all power, unlimited power, unlimited love, the power and the glory.

There is a fife in your heart, and a little drum in your ear.
Tom-toms beat in the silence. There is a pulse of love stirring everywhere.

Your eyes can see only so far, yet there is great vision beneath your lashes. What you see within convolutes itself, and it will perform for your outer vision as well. Your vision perpetuates itself. It replicates all
kinds of forms. You only have to imagine them.

Beloveds, imagine a land that I conceived, and conceive it. Plant crops in this land. Till them. Reap them.

There is an oasis in your heart where fruit trees grow and beautiful fruit ripens.

There is a hacienda in your heart where you can sit down, put your feet up, and rest.

Love throbs in your heart. Put your hand over your heart, and listen to it with your hand. Your hand will absorb the love energy of your heart, and with your hand you will bless the world. With your hand connected to your heart, you will place the world in Eternity.

Copyright@ 1-18-06

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