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My Fav GodMessages


I am posting a few of my Fav sentences from
a GodMessages site I visited today.If interested,You can
read the full postings at:

Why is it that you cannot believe? Truly believe in your Source? So many have turned away and made their source another thing. I wish you had not created money. It does not serve you well. You have chosen separation rather than Source This mind I have given you - it serves you well, and yet you have become human. Why is it that you take this brain, one of my precious organs, and use it for no good?

The word "suffering" is one you have chosen to use. I do not find it a beautiful word. Do not suffer anymore, turn away from greed, turn away from hate, turn away from anger. Turn to God.

You have tears today. You are filled with sadness. Do you understand why you are filled with sadness? You turned away from me and you turned to the world. You allow fear to come in. You allow the dark side to infiltrate into your being. You have choices, Ina. Why did you choose to turn away from me this week? Do you believe that a man in your life can make your whole? That is not where wholeness lies. Do you believe that if you fix something on your body you can be whole? That is not what being whole is about. Do you believe that if you had the money you would feel better? That is only a temporary fix, Ina. Do you believe that if you could be younger, have more time, more years, you would feel safer, more secure? That is not what it is about. When will you learn, Ina?

I have given you inside of your very soul a way out. You have inside of y our very bodies all that is necessary, you have every answer. Yet you seek it in other people, in other things. You think by changing your hair, your makeup, your bodies, the answer is there. That is not the answer. Those are no answers. The answer inside of you is what I have given you.
How beautiful that all you have to do is access that by being silent. So many never silence themselves. Their minds are always going, always working, always running. They never take the time to listen. It is so beautiful the silence, it is the total answer for everything you seek on earth. Do you think the answer is in a new car, do you think the answer is in a trip, do you think the answer is in a new job, do you think the answer is in more money? Those are just things, earthly at that. They are not my answer. I make your life simple. You choose to make it hard.

Please stop trying too hard, please stop accumulating things. What comes to mind is wealth. All of you think that with wealth comes happiness, comes joy, comes peace, comes love. Look around you, do you think those wealthy people are truly happy?

I ask of any of my children who are unhappy, distraught, stressed, not believing in themselves, not loving themselves, to take out today a pen and paper to write out today what is the path you wish to take, and I ask that you make the greatest decision that you have ever made in your life and the wisest choice for yourself, to change, to come to positive thinking and to find me. For it only with those first steps and with a change in attitude and a belief that you can do this, that you can actually get your life on track.

What are you waiting for, my children? When will you hear my plea, my plea of God? You all ask--ask me for things every day. Many of you turn to me in time of crisis, in time of need. Why do you not turn to me in your waking in the morning, in your feeling that I am here? How long will it take you, my children, to know that my power is great? I do not care how much you have earned in money on the earth. I do not care, as God, what your possessions are.

God is right when he says Stop Accumulating things
but its been taught to us from Birth and its
become kind of a Social trend/Habit.I myself would feel lost and poor without my Books,CD's,Walkman,Not checking
emails etc.I think Accumulating will automatically stop
when we find God so we shouldnt Force ourselves
to Stop Accumulating.

I also enjoyed listening to an audio message from
God with Beautiful Visuals at
I esp enjoyed it when God says Enjoy the
Appetizers in the World.

Shahid. :D

My Fav GodMessages

hallo Shahid,

I will answer here but it is an answer to a few others of your postings.

I liked it so much to read your forcing on/in/ at?

why to force anything, dear?

I send a poem from one India(n) - his mmessages are so great to be read.

may I suggest, you read it slowly and let jus drop the words, the sound and the feeling into your heart.

if you want take a little bath in "our" bliss!!

and live in confidence and trust for your truth

and now:

Series of thoughts, as thinking .......
......takes place.

Choosing among thoughts , for a decision ......
....takes place.

Actualization of the choice made,

in the form of an external "actioning" ........
.....takes place.

Collection of 'actionings" constituting as "behaving" ......
.......takes place.

A behaving invoking consequences,

(which may be applause or reviling or total indifference from the surrounding environ) ....
... takes place.


Moment to moment to moment

And in that entire picture,

there is no "one" doing anything whatsoever.

Which is what Buddha prattled some 3, 000 years back.

There is doing, but no doer thereof;

There is suffering, but no 'sufferer" thereof;

There is a Path, but none to traverse it;

There is Nirvan, but none to attain it.

This is also the essence of the Upanashids of the Hindus

(Thou art the doer, Thou art the experiencer);

(Thou art the listener, Thou art the speaker)

This is also the essence of Jesus on the cross,
when after screaming "Why have thou forsaken me"....

The apperception..........

"Thine will, not mine"
And Christ was born.

This is also, the essence of Islam, in the utterance

(There is no Reality but God; there is only God) ...

Sandeep Chatterjee

My Fav GodMessages

Verronika,Thanks for what u sent,I was Born into a Muslim
Family so I right away understood --LA'ILLAHA IL'ALLAHU.

I also think we all suffer because we are not
Centered on God within.So we get lost or
dragged by the mind into all types
of plays and dramas.Well,Someday we will
reach our centres and have a Hearty Laugh with

This Sandeep's Poem you sent..Does he have a Website
Verronika??Just curious.

India. :D

My Fav GodMessages

no website found
but he is metioned very often in Google -
when Get one I can send it to you
I love to read his "insights"
they drop into the heart very softly