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The Experience of Your Self


The Experience of Your Self

“I choose to experience my perception as being a fundamentally creative act.”

Messiah, realize that the words on this page have birthed from every being that will ever read them. These words were written in the Eternal Now and (what you perceive of as) the future has fed back into the moment where these words on paper were created. The point of inspiration from which this book has birthed is common to all, and yet all who visit it will bring back a different story, a different expression. All are uniquely of the One.

Perception is an act of creation and every being that steps into the meaning of these words takes a part in the creation of their meaning. Energy does not know time, and the unified desires of the diversified mass call to the Source for expression. Every shared realization connects and craves manifestation to express itself. You are each writing these words in front of you. You are all one being expressed in many ways, each the composer of every experience perceived. Energy from the mass flows through each individual. Every realization that you draw from this book is a contribution of energy to the creation of the love in your hands.

A book is a mass event. Every person that is changed by a book feeds the energy of that change back into the book's creation. Every person that forms a concept from this book feeds into helping others discover that realization. You tend to see your Self as contained in a moment of time, and as limited by a defined physical location. From a purely physical perspective this is true. However, realize that the energy of your being is not limited. You radiate your energy, your ideas, your thoughts, your emotions, your vibration, and those are not limited by time or distance.

You constantly perceive energy from across time, from across the cosmos. You constantly radiate energy across time, across the cosmos. All systems flow through each other. This blending of energies does not stop you from being you. You are not the contents of a box. You are not any this or that. You are the experience of your Self. The words in front of you may have come from what seems an apparently external source, but your experience of those words is uniquely yours and is of your own creation.

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The Experience of Your Self

Absolutely and ultimately, Supremely wonderful, Shahid.