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Movies & comments


What is this movie list?

I would like to comment:

"The Five People you meet in Heaven"--I have not seen it. What is it about?
I heard of it, though.

"Pay it Forward" One of my favories. I really love Helen Hunt. She was my
girl in Mad About You, & also great in "Something's Gotta Give" with Jack

"Deep Impact" What is this about? I am not sure, but I may have seeen it...I
have heard of it.

"The Piano" I am clueless on this one.

"Dragonfly" I am clueless on this one.

"Powder" I own this! One of my favorite movies of all time really. All I do
is cry...& I am so there with the dying deer scene. Something like that
actually happened to me on Thanksgiving, this year...if anyone wants to hear
about that, please do let me know.

"Contact" Was thsi with Cheryl Ladd? I think I heard of it, not sure if I
saw it.

"Noel" I am clueless here.

"The Upside of Anger" I am clueless here.

"A love song for Bobby Long" I am clueless here.

"How to make an American Quilt"I own tis & love it!!Winona Ryder is
beautiful..even though she has some troubles...don't we all?

"What Dreams may come" I am totally in love with Robin Williams. I have seen
thsi movie so many times & each time I just cry my heart out. I may watch it
again tonight if my sister has the video...


Love prevails.
I have all I need. I have no complaints whatsoever.

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Hello Jennie,
The movie list I gave, is a list of some of my FAVORITE movies. All of these movies have moved me in one way or another. (either made me laugh, or cry, or made my emotions move to one degree or another, or taught powerful spiritual lessons that I will never forget)

"The Five People you meet in Heaven" stars Christopher Walker. He is a technician for a Carnival, who ends up dying. His whole life, he doesn't really think that his life mattered that much, but after dying, he meets the 5 people in Heaven that his life made a tremendous impact on while he was on Earth. It is a very heartwarming story, and really makes you think about how ALL our lives have meaning and purpose and how even the smallest acts of kindness often ripple on in ways that we could never possibly imagine. I LOVED this movie! Big thumbs up! :)

"Deep Impact" was about a meteor that was about the strike the earth, and the government was trying to find a way to save the earth from total annihilation. This movie really made you think about what REALLY matters in the scheme of things, and made you think about where your priorities should be. Very touching. Tea Leoni and Morgan Freeman starred in this. A must see.

"The Piano" is definitely an adult movie, and has some very passionate scenes in it (no children allowed) but I loved this movie. It made me cry to see what this woman (who was a deaf mute) endured. It stars Holly Hunter, and Anna Pacquin as her daughter. Basically Holly Hunter's husband dies, and her father sells her to a wealthy land owner for a nice price, and the new husband just does not know how to get to her heart, but a worker there (Harvey Keitel) finds that the way to her heart is through the Piano. Very passionate movie.

"Dragonfly" is with Kevin Costner. Basically his wife dies, and after she dies, he keeps seeing Dragonflies everywhere, and strange things keep happening to him that make him think that his wife is trying to communicate with him from the other side. Eventually this movie leads to a shocking ending, and it all pulls together nicely in the end. Betty Eadie does a commentary in the end of it, and talks about life after death. Very thought provoking movie.

"Contact" was with Jodie Foster. She is a scientist with SETI, and her whole life she has been trying to make contact with Extra Terrestrials. She eventually picks up a signal that has been broadcast in space for years, that has directions on how to build a time portal. Scientist follow the blueprint to build this time portal, and she travels through this time portal to another planet, and learns about things that are just amazing, but she has to prove that it really happened, and that it wasn't just a figment of her imagination. Excellent movie. I loved how they portrayed traveling through time and space. It was really cool.

"Noel" is a movie that I recently saw with Susan Sarandon, Robin Williams and Penelope Cruz. I loved this one! It was all about Love, and miracles, and how we ALL desire to be loved, and not be alone. I loved watching the director weave all these characters lives together, and watching how it all played out. Great movie.

"The Upside of Anger" was hilarious (in my opinion) It stars Kevin Costner, and Joan Allen, and it is about a woman whose husband leaves her, and she basically has a nervous breakdown while all of her teenage, and newly adult daughters all go through their own trials, all at the same time. The ending is PROFOUND because you learn that things aren't always as they appear, and alot of time is wasted because of how we "perceive" things. A must see!

"A love song for Bobby Long" stars John Travolta and Scarlett Johansen. It is a gritty look at alcoholism, love, and what makes a family. (I live near New Orleans so I was particularly drawn to this one.) I loved the struggle that everyone went through, and I loved watching them all overcome their setbacks. Even the crickets in the background was like the real New Orleans. lol

"The Story of Us", is an old one probably made in the late 80's or early 90's. Its about the breakdown of a marriage, and how people get so caught up in the day to day dramas that it's easy to let a good marriage fall apart. I cried, and cried with this one.
Anyone who has had marital problems will be inspired by this.

I hope you all get a chance to see some of these great movies, and I hope they move you, like they moved me. :)