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Twisted Logic

Just for today.
Today I will live my life
Like there is no other.
Like this is all.
That everything I need, could ever want, ask for, or wish I had
Is mine today.

I'm not going to shut anyone out.
I'm not going to blame anyone for anything,
including myself.
I will not be without gratitude
for everything,
Even the smallest things.
The positive as well as the negative.

I will remind myself every hour,
that I am an infinite soul.
That my being is eternal.

I know that working out my destiny here on Earth
Is a difficult proposition.

I don't know if anyone
knows for certain
the progress
We've made,
from cradle to grave.

But I do believe this.
We're moving right along.

One step at a time.
One thought at a time,
One sensation at a time.
One feeling after another.

And when we turn to God and ask
for guidance?

He gives it.

John Steffan Riccio

Twisted Logic

Steady in the state of fullness which shines.

when all desires are given up,

and peaceful in the state of freedom in life,

act playfully in the world.

Inwardly free from all desires, dispassionate and detached,

but outwardly active in all directions,

act playfully in the world.

Free from egoism, with mind detached as in sleep,

pure like the sky, ever untainted,

act playfully in the world.

Conducting yourself nobly with kindly tenderness,

outwardly conforming to conventions

but inwardly renouncing all,

act playfully in the world.

Quite unattached at heart but for all appearance

acting as with attachment,

inwardly cool but outwardly full of fervor,

act play- fully in the world.