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HEAVEN #1894 A Mason of Love January 11, 2006

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HEAVEN #1894 A Mason of Love January 11, 2006

God said:

When life favors you and gives you unexpected treasure, your heart leaps, and you know life is good and that I am with you. You credit Me with much goodness. You are glad, and you are grateful.

When life throws you a loop, and your heart sinks, you also may tend to credit Me, but this time with a frown.

To what gain does a child of Mine give Me a long look? I am in your good graces one day, and then the next I'm in disfavor? What game is this, and what shall we do about it?

You wrack your brains, asking yourself : "Is God the cause of what occurs, or am I?" And so you look to affix cause. The cause is life. There is no cause but life. And it is not possible to pull all the threads that weave themselves.

Longing, loving heartchild, you are responsible for how you respond.
You are not hapless, beloveds. I would take you away from blaming anyone, yourself, Me, the person across from you. I would take you away from blame altogether, for it is an ill-wind that blows blame.

If you were a ship, you would sail across the waters. You would not drag along, dredging up the bottom of the ocean. As a ship, you would not say that your prow caused a storm any more than you would say your prow created the calm. You would sail across the waters even-naturedly just the same.

And now, your heart will carry you over the rough waters. No need to get caught in the ropes of seaweed.

A ship sails through storms. It rides on rough waves and on smooth.
And just so shall My beloveds sail across life. A ship knows only to sail.
If a ship goes aground, tides will come to cast it onto the waters. You are a ship that sails, and you are headed for the High Seas. You are not headed for the shoals. You are headed for the heights of gold.

There is no impediment to your life. There are no impediments. There are strokes of the pen. There are rough roads, and there are paved roads.
But no pen stroke, no bends in the road is the determinant of you. They are not even the least of you, for you are a cut above life. Only sometimes you look away, and you go off course.

Look not for liabilities. Blaming is a liability. Look for proclivities instead. There is always light to follow. Follow it. It will lead you to Me. Did you have some other destination in mind? Where else would you like to go? Where else is there, beloveds, that is worth its salt?

Come to Me, beloveds. Be not adrift. My heart longs for you. My heart calls to you. A mist of sound reaches you. Your heart leans toward Me.
Lean all the way. Fall over. You will fall into My love. Through all valleys, My love is, and it is for you, and therefore it is yours.

The treasure you pull up from the Ocean is love. Love is the bounty.
Love is the medium sought in the world. It wears many names and has many excuses, yet all of life comes down to love. Soon or late, the realization hits: "There is only love. There is naught else in the universe."

Beloveds, even fragments of love are love, yet the world is in pieces. Put it back together. The only thing that will hold it is love. The trowel of love is in your hand. Become a mason of love. Complete the world.

Copyright@ 1-11-06

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