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HEAVEN #1893 The Party January 10, 2006

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HEAVEN #1893 The Party January 10, 2006

Will you be happy for the sake of the world? Will you do handstands of joy? Why slog along in the snow when you can dance on top of the world?
Picture yourself skipping along on the globe of the world. See how joyfully you encompass it. You are the light fantastic.

Picture yourself on the top of the world, spinning the globe with your feet. Look at it spin. You are the spinner of the world.

Do a tap dance. You have had enough dragging your feet. Why not leap up and meet life? Why not greet it, take it by the arm, square dance with it?

Must you argue with life? Must you try to dodge it? If you want to change your life, meet it. Meet it halfway. Picture your life kindly. Be generous with your reception of it. Life gives you many wares to sample.

It is not for you to block life. Life is not a football game. But, if it were, you would cheer it, welcome it. Introduce it to your heart and keep it lively there. Life means to be an expression of you. It means to serve you, help you find your way in it. Do not scold your life. Befriend it. Give it the benefit of your love, certainly the benefit of the doubt.

But there is no doubt that life is life. It is the best there is in the relative, beloveds. Come to terms with it. That means to give it everything you've got. Life is not to be saved like money in the bank. Life is meant to be spent. Spend it. Spend it generously. Give it away. Life is meant for everyone. You cannot be proprietary about it. It is not yours alone. It is a shared medium.

Life on Earth gives you such an opportunity. It is a discovery game.
It's easy to play. Just play. Have fun with it. That's how you progress.
Doldrums in life are just a holding pen. We could say they propel you forward. True, you can jump on the shoulders of despair, but you can skip despair and leap over it to the next step. You are not obliged to despair or remorse or fear or any of the manmade articles you put in front of you.

Whatever life holds in store for you, you will meet it. Be a grand host to life and treat it like a valued guest. Even when life brings you a present you don't appreciate, know enough to be polite. Welcome the advent of life. You are the host, yet life is ushering you forward. It makes you get moving. It won't just let you stay as you are. Life is meant to make you hop to it.

Life will take you by surprise. It will wrench you out of your comfortable seat. Why not stand up ahead of time? Why not be ready for life, not as a dueling foe, but as your partner? It will be a great partnership.
Run beside your life, and you will run very fast. Life would have you move.
It would give you good exercise.

Life is like a good ballet teacher who makes you stretch. It will have you bend. It will have you stand on your toes. And it will also give you grace and balance and make you a thing of beauty.

Let life be a party you attend. Have the time of your life. You may be sure that I am with you at the party, beloveds.

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