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welcome Joyflheart2005!

Welcome Joyflheart2005!
We are glad to see you've found your way to Heavenletters forum. We have lots for you to read, & of course we'd love to see what you have to write! This is a loving place of God, so let it be are loved!
All of Us here.

welcome Joyflheart2005!

Jennine, I want you to be there greeting me wherever I go! I think you are a great welcomer of the world. God bless you.

With love, Gloria

Gloria's letter about my greetings

I am glad you think I do well greeting people on the forum. I do enjoy saying a few nice things to people just coming on & first impressions are important! This is a wonderful place to find one's self, & I want to make sure whomever finds themself here knows that straight off!