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Jeremiah's Background & Spiritual Journey

I am a Channel for Tantric, Sexual, Spiritual and Shamanic Healing having been introduced to Spiritual Healing work at Unity Christ Church, Gaithersburg, MD of which I am still a member and where I co-led an Inner Child Workshop. Since 1993 I have been a Reiki practitioner and was initiated as a Reiki Master/Teacher in 1999. I was ordained as a Minister of Spiritual Science in 1997 by Reverend Wayne Chenault, MSS, the founder and director of The Christ Light Church. Reiki is only part of my work as I also have been practicing Healing The Masters' Way, Angel Healing, Intuitive Counseling and Energy Restructure since 1995. Tantric Healing has been part of my healing practice since January 2000. In addition to working with clients privately, I currently lead workshops in Reiki attunements, meditation and Spiritual Healing.

I’ve been providing Tantric Healing for both tantric and non-tantric women and men since '00. My work is guided by Spirit to elicit the kind of profound sexual healing responses that create access to transcendent sex. Clients have found that this not only heals and generates a deeper relationship with their inner divine feminine and divine masculine; they can recreate this in their own intimate relationships. It is my experience with clients that many of their soul/Souls have chosen to complete in this life all the unresolved stuff at their death in other lives. In this fashion they create the opportunity to complete all issues in this life time - Enlightenment. I arrived at this work under the guidance of Spirit healing myself of similar memories.

The Tantric Healing that occurs through me works with more than just the pelvic region of the first and second chakra. For this reason I call this work Sacred Heart Integration, to reflect the connection between the first heart (uterus) and the upper heart. Opening the lower chakras without opening of the upper chakras will only take a person so far as the energy flow up will be blocked in its rise through the bodies to the degree the other chakras are blocked.

I work with those willing to dive into their deepest stuff, from this and other lifetimes that interfere with them being on the path they came to experience. For many this occurs as a rebirthing experience, especially when they have been willing to dive into their own heart and generate their own love for themselves. It is a great honor and very humbling to be present as others rebirth themselves from these memories and conversations into a more available NOW!

Many clients have been women and healers. Their core issues tend to sexual, emotional, physical or mental abuse in this and/or other lives. I arrived at this work through healing these issues in me from this and other lives. Issues from other lives, left unresolved at the death/ending/ beginning, find their way into the cellular structure of our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and etheric bodies, usually by soul's choice. These issues actually cause us to recreate experiences in this life to be healed that provide access to the unresolved issues from other lives. No matter how deep we work in this lifetime's bodies, we won't completely clear issues from this life, until we reach into the entry point of that issue in an Other Life and rewrite our Akashic records.

Jeremiah's Background & Spiritual Journey

Hi Jeremiah,

This comes from a daily message site,

I thought of you.

Today's Daily Word - Sunday, September 04, 2005
God is the source of life and strength within me. I am healed.
Whatever my need for healing may be, one thing is true God is the source of life and strength within me. God created my body to be healthy and whole, so the very cells of every organ and system of my being know what to do to restore health.
God gives me the wisdom I need to make sound judgments about my well-being in all matters and about all that matters to me. If I am guided to make changes in my daily activity or lifestyle, I do so.
In the healing process, I get plenty of rest and give my body the nutrients it needs to work smoothly and efficiently. The healing life of God is active within me. God is the true source of my health and strength--physically and mentally. I claim, and give thanks for, my healing now.

"I am going to bring it recovery and healing; I will heal them and reveal to them abundance of prosperity and security."--Jeremiah 336

Have a blessed day,

What is in a Name

Thanks for the biblical reminder of my namesake, the prophet Jeremiah.

And the message for today totally fits where I am being pushed by Spirit, to prioritize my own physical well being.

I was named James Henry on birth in 1940 and was given the name Jeremiah by Spirit in 1995. After my parents had transitioned I took Jeremiah as my legal name. In 1993 a dear friend of Hebrew origin looked up Jeremiah and gave me two definitions from the Aramaic of the time of Jesus.
The 1st - Friend of God - was familiar and fits my experience of Spirit in my life and my service as a channel of healing energies.
The 2nd floored me - One Who Opens the Womb - as this defines my work with women and my experience of God as also Goddess in the womb of the darkness of the Universe, where that chaos also represents all potential. I've been honored and humbled to receive and experience Her moving through and within me.

Blessings Be,