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HEAVEN #1892 Practical Advice January 9, 2006

[quote="HEAVEN #1892 Practical Advice January 9, 2006

God said:

When you have a difficulty, consider that the difficulty comes from good fortune. If your car breaks down, you have a car to break down. If your computer crashes, there are those who would be grateful for a computer to break down. If your pen runs out of ink, well, at least you had a pen with ink that wrote.

Instead of feeling irritated, see the blessing.


In the version I had it said Practical God but that is ok, the message is so clear and so true. A lot happened the last year for me like the passing away of my dad and a lot of pain in my shoulder but I am thankful for everything that happend even the sad things. Yes I miss my dad but I am thankful that I had a dad who really loved me and I am alive to spread love and light into the world so for that I am thankful too. It is some kind of button you have to turn into another direction, the positive one. It may not always be easy but if you do it, it will enrich your life and you can move on. It is all about choices, life is all about choices and new opportunities. Make that choice now and change your life.