Please read the Guidelines that have been chosen to keep this forum soaring high!

What we're here for

Dear Friends,

Let's remember the purpose of this forum. It is to uplift.

The forum is a place to express ourselves and to make friends. At the same time, as we express ourselves here, we are also representatives of the forum, of Heavenletters, and of God. To express ourselves doesn't mean that anything goes.

This forum is a special place in the world. What we find in the common world, we don't have to have here.

The Heavenletter forum is not a place to discuss religion or politics. There are other forums set up up for those purposes. Heavenletters is not one them. My experience is that such discussions cause separation rather than unity.

We are for spiritual growth and understanding. We can be honest and real on this forum without being blissy. By the same toke, we can be honest and real without giving or taking offense.

Blessings and love,