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welcome chrismacklen!

Hello & Blessings, Chrismacklen!
we are priveleged to have you & your lovely soul here with us, & we do hope that in time you will come to feel the same way about being here. Pull up a monitor & read on through...we have lots of wonderful things here for you!
Be Happy.
Jennine & the Heavenletters Forum

welcome chrismacklen!

Jennine, thank you so very much for welcoming my friend Chris in such a lovely way. I love the way you greet new members on behalf of us all. Isn’t this just how life should be?

God bless you, Jennine.

Love, Gloria

welcome chrismacklen!

hi dear chris, jennine and all

yes my beloved jennine does the welcoming so heartfully that I always wait to read her welcomes...

but we all can welcome new members as Gloria once wrote...

thanks for that - love you
yours niKA