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Dear my Heavenletters friends from all over the world

The heavenletters stuff gets overloaded to handle all the translation. That's good! Cause we appreciate every heavenletter reader from all over the world speaking all kinds of languages! What is not so good is, that the work with the organisation of the translations substracts from the time we are able to read and write here.

So we desided not to post the translations any more to but file them in the heavenletters community. To keep the English speaking part of the forum topics together I moved down the translation section.

And for the English speaking folks, soon you will have the chance to learn six languages! Just compare the English Heavenletter with the translations..... :D

Much Love and Joy



Dearest Adrachin,

What a beautiful way with words you have! And how quick you are to get things done!

So, all the translations will be here on the forum. People who go to the web site will be switched here. This will save Kirt a lot of work.

And, yes, I understand you moved the translations down so that the topics can be seen.

God bless you.

With love, Gloria

i was only trying to help...

Dearest ((((((Jennine))))) -

it was so beautiful what you did!!!! whenI read it I thought , hey wow she translates .....
I love you for that - and I think we all do!!!!

so please don't make a head as we say in Germany
so please stay as you are so to be loved and charming and ....

lovelaugh to you

Dear my Heavenletters friends from all over the world

ok so we don´t send the translations anymore to Kirt but only post them here right. No problemo :D



Yes, for the time being, because Heaven is growing so fast, the forum will take the place of the website for translated Heavenletters. People who go to the web site will press the link, and it will take them to the translations on the forum.


Soon we will have a website that uses all the latest open-source software available. As I understand it, you will be able to send your translated Heavenletters directly to the web site. They will automatically (magically!) appear there, and, I believe, will also automatically find their way to the subscribers.

And, of course, we will still post translated Heavenletters on the forum.

The new mail out has many stellar features.

When someone subscribes to Heavenletters now, they can choose daily Heavenletters in English, also Heavenletters in any or all the languages we have available.

The new mail out program tells me everyone who subscribes, and tells me where they come from. I love to know that. Today, in addition to the United States, we have new subscribers from Athens,Greece; Malaysia; Norway; and Nairobi, Kenya.

The new mail out program also gives statistics and other information I haven't absorbed as yet.

I will send an email out to all the translators, and for those who have not yet posted on the forum, we will help.

Many thanks to Adrachin, the administrator of this forum. He takes care of everything.

Blessings and love,