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I am right here.

:idea: The days of peace, harmony and understanding;
Where people of all kinds,
work together,
united and committed
to one single purpose:

A Universal Reason,
guiding Each
for the good of the whole,
And all partook, for himself, herself, itself;
out of what was available
to feed, clothe, shelter, and transport everyone;
And no one took more than they needed;

Was my dream last night.

And I felt good.
I belonged.

I felt no fear.
No guilt.
No doubt.
No confusion.

I knew why I was here.
And that I am doing it.

Right here,
In the Infinite Eternal Life.



By Joe Tolve

Rising sea swallows beautiful island,
All is lost, trees, bush, grass and sand.
Melting glaziers create vanishing shore,
Land becomes a commodity that makes mankind poor.
Comfort seeking man drowns himself with desire,
Ozone destroying air-conditioners cause crumbling empire.
Continent shrinks to irreversible city size.
What else must God do to greatly emphasize,
The consequence of our failure of correction,
And the necessity of starting to change our direction?
Or soon there won't be further chances,
For mankind to once again make advances.
Nor to discover his/her own private island,
Or ever to again make castles in the sand.