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Thank you, dear Paula!

Is it three years now that you have faithfully been translating Heavenletters into Italian? You are the first translator who came. I don't remember now how we found you or how you found us, but it was a great day.

Every week you translate a Heavenletter from the depths of your heart.

It is no vacation for you to translate, because this is the work you do all the time. It is only for God that you could do this.

We are in the same boat, Paula. Only for God.

It seems impertinent for me to thank you for doing what you do for God, yet I want to be sure you know how grateful I am for what you do.

I know you have fifty, sixty or more people who read the Heavenletters you translate. If any of your readers are reading this, we would love you to subscribe to Heavenletters.

In the new mail out program, you can choose Italiano. You can also choose English and any or all of the other languages.

I know it is very powerful every time I view a Heavenletter in translation. Sometimes I feel I get a bonus just from seeing a translated Heavenletter even without understanding the words, and yet some of the words seem familiar.

God bless you, Paula.

With love,