No Joy Is Too Small

God said:

When you wake up in the morning, ask yourself: 

"What can I think of to do today that will bring me even a little joy?"

It's also fine to ask:

"What can I think of to do today that will bring a little joy to the world?"

Basically, the answers to two questions are the same.

Even if what will bring you joy today is a manicure, this is good. You may think a manicure is superficial and couldn't help the world. Just think what the world would be like if everyone who wanted a manicure today got one. Or a massage. Or a sauna. Joy is joy!

It is perfectly fine to find joy where you find it. Start with small-sized bites. No joy is too small. One joy will grow to another.

Let Me backtrack a bit now. If what is joy for you could cause a slight or pain to another, naturally, this does not qualify as a joy for you to take. To take advantage of another in any way, of course, does not qualify. It is not that anything goes.

At the same time, the joy that life today can give you does not have to be on the scale of saving the world. Nor does your joy for today have to be thoroughly magnanimous either. Personal joy is also joy. Start here.

Your joy could be picking a flower. An added joy could be for you to give that flower to someone whose face will light up because you offered a flower. Of course, the joy of lifting someone else's Life is great for you as well.

Of course, your gift could be the joy of mowing your neighbor's yard. It could also be the joy of hiring someone to mow your own yard! Nothing wrong with that.

So far as I know, everyone's Life can use a lift, too. Consider that, as you go, so goes the world. The happier you are, the happier is the world. There is no way that even your most infinitesimal joy overlooks its blessing to the world.

When your joy goes up even one percent, you are giving the world a boost.

It is of the utmost importance that you slide over to sit with joy.

You may have had more than enough pain to last a lifetime. Take a path of joy now. Joy has been waiting for you for a long time.

Joy is your sustenance. Be on the look-out for joy. Do this. At the same time, make your joy happen. You are not waiting for a hand-out. Joy is your birth right. You are supposed to have it.

There is no joy that is too big for you, yet it is not for you to hold out your hand only for big joy. Batches of little joy do well for you and the Universe.

Ego fulfillment, at best, is a momentary joy. Soon or late, ego leads to let-down.

Come to think of it, joy does not have to reach you in a certain dosage. Joy isn't high and mighty.

The sight of a baby's foot can give you joy.

Joy received is the same as joy given.

Do that which gives you joy.

Joy does not have to send you to the moon.

Quiet joy is good.

Note your joy. Note your joys.

Become the joy you give and receive. Be a joy-receiver. Be a joy-giver. Originate joy. Carry joy with you. Radiate joy. Blossom joy.

Never be without it. Go out into this world and have fun. You are here on Earth for joy.

When you enter a room, be joyful.

Be joyful right now as We speak.

It is your turn for joy at every turn.

Be the joy.

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Be the joy.

....."Be the joy."The excitement that the world offers is like the sight of tinsel on an artificial Christmas tree...Yet the Joy the God refers to a bountiful Love that is the essence of all...forever in Bloom....

Beautiful, Jim!

Beautiful, Jim!