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Dear all, I am confused with the following paragraph. When I translate, it sounds a bit weird ;)

Can you pls give me some more explanation?

You may say that someone may have fervently loved the person who was going to murder their body, and yet they were murdered. Let Us concede that what you say is so, and yet love does not ask for results, and, beloveds, you do not know what barriers were broken.

As I understand this is that

As I understand this is that God is speaking about the Power of Love. He's saying that we might object to His words by saying that eventhough a person gave love to the murderer, this didn't stop the murderer from killing them. (Just look at Christ how he loved the people who crucified him.) But God also says that Love does not expect results and that we do not know what happened on the more subtle levels, even though the murder took place on the physical level.

I hope this is of help to you, dear Engin.

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Paula is just right. We

Paula is just right. We can't always go by the short picture.

Christ's love was not wasted. Looking at Christ's life and death alone, someone could say, "What good did his love do him?" But, look, his love was so powerful, it still reaches us today!

The wording in English is awkward too, dear Engin.

Thanks for asking the question, Engin, and Paula for answering it.

Love and blessings, Gloria

Very dear Gloria, thank you

Very dear Gloria,

thank you very much for your explanation. Yours and Paula's helped me a lot.

Now I will try to manage the wording:)

love you


Beloved Paula, thank you

Beloved Paula,

thank you very much, this helped me a lot.

love you


Engin, when Mahatma Ghandi

Engin, when Mahatma Ghandi was shot he raised his hands in a gesture of forgiveness towards his assassin. This may also be related to the quotation above.

One Love

Thank you canim, this

Thank you canim, this example is great as well. :wub:

Just great. :thumbup: