New Light

God said:

Lift your head this moment. My light runs through you. You are light that can see. What I would most like you to see today is your worthiness. You have been looking at what you see as unworthiness. There is something you did or didn't do that you rue. And you debase yourself because of it.

That you know better now is cause for celebration, not consternation. Because you cannot relive a past moment and make it holier now is not cause for regret. It is a great accolade to you that you have learned something. This is a milestone of growth.

With your recognition of what you would do differently, you have changed. The change in you now releases the past. You need not hold on to whiplash. You are not to be punished for splendid growth in love and wisdom. You are to be congratulated.

That you have new eyeglasses to see with is not cause for penance. That new light has entered your eyes and heart is not cause for heaviness. Be lightened. With your recognition, you have removed the mark of old ignorance. Accept that you simply didn't know better, and now you do.

Even in great ignorance, you went through life and arrived here. Now you would like to undo the past. Undo the past by going on in this moment before you.

It is not true that opportunity knocks only once. You will have another chance to reveal love where once you did not. The scenery may be different and the cast of characters different. If you were villain, now you will be hero. How could you now be less selfish unless you had once been more selfish? Now you are richer in love and wisdom. Rejoice.

Let this thread of anguish go. You did not sin. You simply were less aware than you are now.

Bless those whom you once did not bless. And bless yourself. Remove the shroud of guilt you have placed over yourself. Guilt is not to be perpetuated. It is to be stopped. Regret is guilt held high.

You wounded yourself when you saw narrowly. Leave it alone. Wounds heal better when you don't pick at them.

Picture the past hurts you gave to others and yourself as little horses going off into the sunset. Send them off with love. You can muster it. These ponies deserve to be set free. Let them go over the horizon and disappear. Wave to them. And then pick up the reins of your life and go off without the old ponies.

Once you built a little building, and you didn't know how to make it sturdy. You hammered nails at random and put up posts haphazardly. You thought you were doing it right. When the structure was finished, and you looked at it from the distance, you saw that it was faulty. You saw it was not meant to last. Would you really keep that building as a memorial to your inexperience? Better to remove it, and then you can rebuild.

The next building you make will be a credit to you.

For you are becoming a builder of hearts. You are becoming a free-wheeling champion of kindness. What is unkindness but a lack of generosity of spirit? You may have thought you withheld from another, but now you know you withheld from yourself.

Today you walk in a new land. Your journey will be propitious. Today you will bless the world you live in, and all who cross your path will now know your blessing. And now I bless you.