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Opening God Quote

Let Us express to the mind that its role is not to overtake you and wrest you away from the path of peace. As a server, your mind is more patient, quieter, gentler. The mind is not meant to yatata yatata so much. The mind is not meant to wear you out.

Heavenletter # 3754 - May Your Mind Give Peace

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Angels who are spreading Heavenletters™ everywhere

Michael’s Worldwide Newsletter

Soul Mate
Does everyone know that Russ Michael first coined the expression, Soul Mate?

Michael, I just love how you emphasize key words and sentences of Heavenletters™ in every issue of your e-zine.

Sow the seeds of love in every field. Sowing the seeds of love tills the soil. There is no prior step required. The step and the path are love. Precede and follow love and cast it forth like a spring rain and the sun that together make a rainbow.

HEAVENLETTER - # 3925 - Like the Spring Rain and the Sun

Michael, you have been Heavenletters’ good fortune for a very long time. It was you who sent Panos Axiomakaros, who published the Greek and German editions of Heavenletters™, Love Letters from God, Book One, and Monica Visan, who published the Heaven book in Romanian. You have done so much, Michael, I can never thank you enough.

Isis' Message of the Day

Lady Isis' Newsletter

God said:

"In all actions and reactions, people are revealing themselves. They are not revealing you. When others reveal hostility, they are directing it to themselves. Ultimately, this is how it is. They are trying to get rid of the hostility they carry by putting it on you. By the same token, when you see their swords of anger as directed at you, even as they evidently are pointed at you, then you also are revealing yourself and your own lack of self-love."

* From Heavenletters™ September 4, 2011 * Copyright 1999-2011 * HEAVEN #3936 *

* * *

God bless you, Lady Isis.


Joe Petzer
Jo Petzer, the editor, is a long-time friend to Heavenletters™. Before Transcendence became an e-zine, Jo printed out copies of Heavenletters™ and shared them. Jo is devoted to God and furthering His Presence in the world.

Please see Getting Rid of Ego on the Godwriting™ blog that came from Transcendence:

Jo, your e-zine is fabulous. Thank you for including Heavenletters™ so beautifully.

Kalena Associates

Kalena wrote:

Hallelujah! I’m getting Heaven Letters again! Whoopeee…. I am doing a Soul Salon this morning and we are on AIR, and I will mention Heavenletters! Love you LOTS, Kalena
Facebook Page: Kalena Associates, Inspiring Creative Minds
Kalena's Blog

Kalena is a Godwriter. She took a dazzling Godwriting™ workshop in Minden, Nevada, in 2007.

Kalena, thank you for cheering Heavenletters™!

Beloved Heavenreaders,

Jochen Lerner, who has been like a father to the Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum, on September 24, posted under Heavenletter # 3754 - May Your Mind Give Peace an entry he entitled: "Io ti condurrò nel Vero Giardino."

He was writing to Paula Launonen, who translates Heavenletters™ into Italian. In fact, Paula was Heaven’s very first translator.

Paula Launonen

Jochen wrote:

Paula, there are more than a thousand Heavenletter translations in four languages and close to one thousand in a fifth, enabling people around the globe to be led to the True Garden. With 1550 translations, you are one of those who tirelessly bless the world and themselves and keep on blessing even when tired. What an example you are.

It is beautiful what every translator contributes. It is beautiful what everyone contributes. I could go on and on with accolades for those who are tireless. The truth is that everyone contributes.

That you subscribe to Heavenletters™ and read them is a contribution.

That you bring others to subscribe and read Heavenletters is a contribution.

That you post on the forum and blog.

And then there are all the translators who freely translate whenever they can.

There are those who go the extra mile in whatever way that is open to them to do. I know of at least one who has translated seven Heavenletters in one day.

All the people who post on Twitter or on their own sites and other sites contribute.

The contributors and ways of contributing are endless.

There are two Heavenreaders who personally welcome everyone who registers on the forum.

There is one daily translator who also keeps track of all the English Heavenletters, proofed and unproofed, and gets the dates and numbers right, and puts them in the queue. This is a day in and day out job.

There are translators who keep on top of manually sending out their translations.

There is a volunteer who takes the utter responsibility for sending out translations that aren’t automatically sent out on certain days.

There is a translator who also records his Heaven translations.

There are those who support Heavenletters with their appreciation.

There are those who tithe every month, and those who donate when they can.

All are needed, and all are welcome.

I marvel at the angels that God brings together for the purpose of serving Him and what can happen when hearts meet. I marvel at the devotion, and I marvel at the conscientiousness. And all who give give from their hearts, asking for nothing but to be able to serve, for everyone is a volunteer.

I think a miracle is going on, and I can’t get over it.

You notice that I am not getting into names after this started with Jochen’s appreciation of Paula, Heaven’s first translator. If I did and poured out my whole heart, this would turn into a book.

Just the same, I am going to name Heaven Admin.

Santhan Naidoo

He probably has more responsibilities and projects and businesses going on than any one in the world. He is tireless in his devotion to God and Heavenletters™. I know that he has worked on Heavenletters™ as late as 2 a.m. Midnight is nothing to him. He hosts the website and the blog. He takes care of everything technical, including all my computer difficulties, which is no small accomplishment. He takes care of creative matters. He is also taking care of his own businesses as well.

Heaven Admin is a resource and provider for Heavenletters ™ in every way and asks for nothing. He is always thinking of others. He only wants to serve. He provides everything that Heavenletters™ might need, and he brings out the angel in everyone.

Now this is new: Just the other day, Heaven Admin (Santhan) invited me to spend what would be the Iowa winter in South Africa (where it will be summer) to work together on e-books, online Godwriting™ workshops, leadership training for Godwriting™ workshops, and the website. Without hesitation, I said Yes.

Next spring, spring 2012, Heaven Admin and I will fly back to Iowa and, God willing, get the motor home together and by fall, start on a tour of the U.S. and then down to Central and South America. We will give Godwriting™ workshops and visit eco-communities on the way.

As you know, Heaven Admin has invited me to live in the spiritual eco-community he will build. He invites others to come help build the first beautiful CommuniTree™ spiritual sustainable community in Capilla del Monte in Argentina as well.

Some will support the project by their labor and their skills. Some will support the project financially.

When I asked Santhan how I will contribute, he says: “Just by doing Heavenletters™, of course.” Is this not a beautiful dream I am living?

This spiritual sustainable community project in Capilla del Monte is certainly not limited to Heavenreaders. Yet, of course, we yearn to have Heavenreaders with us there, for you are deep deep in our hearts.

If you have any interest in this project, moving there, ideas for it, whatever you might like, would you kindly email to let us know who you are? And please include a photo if we don’t already have yours. Let us know whether you are one person, a couple, a family, or a group of friends and tell us about your vision.

Also, if you would like to come to Capilla del Monte to give workshops, please let us know who you are. The range of workshops is infinite, from art lessons to quilting, writing, acting, gardening, and the infinite spiritual avenues.

The CommuniTree™ community in Argentina will be followed by one in Drakensberg, South Africa and then one in Romania.

This is just a feeler we’re putting out and not at all a commitment. We’ll keep your contact information confidential in a special list.

A new world is coming true before our eyes.

With love and blessings,


Closing God quote:

Be aware of Me. Stay awake with Me. Remember Me. Remember you.
என்னை உணர்ந்திரு என்னொடு விழித்திரு
என்னை நினைந்திரு உன்னொடு

Heavenletter #3956: What Can Be Greater than God

translated into Tamil Verses by N. Nagarajan, Chennai, India.

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God's Love Card

Thank You Gloria for posting this Tamil Verse as the Closing God Quote. The Tamil fonts are not displayed properly, and the first part of the English Quote is also missing, will You & Heaven Admin please correct it. In the Meantime God Blesses You through me naagu with a Love Card of this Closing God Quote. I Remember a recent Heavenletter wherein God Urges Us to See Everything as a Blessing. Improper display of Tamil Fonts is a Blessing in Disguise Which has Extracted from me naagu God's Love Card. I Intend to post a Love Card daily under Tamil Forums. Is it okay with You? I feel You have okayed it! God Is Great, He Makes Wonders out of thin air!!!


Thanks Gloria & Heaven Admin

Thanks Gloria & Heaven Admin for correcting. May God Bless U & Us!