New Heaven News March 28, 2011 Spring has Sprung at Last

Opening Quote:

"Sunlight works its magic on you without your analysis of it. Scientist and innocent child receive the rays of the sun the same. Sunlight itself is absorbed. The study of it is incidental. And yet, focus plays a part. Let your focus on Me be a receiving more than a study."

Heavenletter #907 Joyous Love
Submitted by Jo Petzer, Transcendence

New subscribers from all over the world and U.S

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39 Countries Represented Since Last Issue

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To our very first subscriber from Kuwait, we offer you a warm welcome. Thank you!

Kuwait Flag    kuwait coat of arms

The State of Kuwait (Arabic: الكويت ‎) is a modern constitutional monarchy on the coast of the Persian Gulf, enclosed by Saudi Arabia to the south and Iraq to the north. The name is a diminutive of an Arabic word meaning "fortress built near water."

kuwait mall

kuwait mosque

May many more Heavensubscribers come from your beautiful country of Kuwait. Of course, we seek more subscribers from everywhere!

What It Means to Be a Translator for Heavenletters™

Lourdes wrote:

When I found this Heaven place some years ago, I was going through difficult times in my life. God guided me here to find comfort, hope, and love. This place changed my life, and I fell so in love with Heavenletters that I wanted to spread the messages to all the people I know, to those who were seeking a place where they could rest and leave their burdens. So I started to translate Heavenletters into Spanish. I was enjoying it, every letter. Every word from God was like a fresh breeze.

My path took me to many and different experiences. I had turns in my life, so many changes., and I left Heavenletters for a while.

But God never leaves us. He’s standing right there, beneath us guarding us, below us like the wind beneath our wings to help us soar high, beside us to keep us company along our journey, before us to hold us into His loving arms all the time. What can I say! So, as He always does, He called me come back home.

And after having all those experiences in my life, here I am, doing this work of love and gratitude again for all the things God gives me every day. It’s a privilege and honor translating. I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about. You can feel it, just like me. That’s why we’re all here, isn’t it, my dear family?

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being here, for being you, and for letting me be part of this wonderful community.

With love and gratitude,

Lourdes (Dreamhealer)
Spanish Translator

French forum

French translator, Jean-Christophe, informed us: "Our translations are spreading in French forums such as this one:

It's the translation of Heavenletter 3763 - Something You Have Never Done Before. It was such bliss that I cried all along the translation process. I cannot thank God enough for transmitting those inestimable words.

From the comments in French, I can assure you that this letter has melted their hearts!


Who Will Be Our Next Newest Volunteer Translator? Tell us who you are!

Bernie Siegel posts Heavenletter on his ECaP Discussion Forum

Bernie Seagul

Bernie posted #3720 An Entrance to a Gold Mine, January 31, 2011 on his discussion group for cancer patients

Here's an excerpt from the Heavenletter:

What if death and illness were seen as friends and not enemies? What if death were a reward for living rather than a death sentence? What if illness were a good doctor who removed ill-health and restored balance? … Death is an entrance to a gold mine. Death is a ride in a tram car that takes you over the rainbow. What if death were seen as a non-event to be rejoiced in? What if death were a graduation from body and soul to exclusively soul? What if there were applause for death, and death were not seen as the Grim Reaper? What if death were seen as a culmination of life, more like a knapsack one carries over his shoulder as he passes down a certain road? Death is a free pass given one at a time to all those who are ready to move on. Sooner or later, bodies die. And everybody will receive that free pass that ushers him into a world beyond the senses…

Here's a direct link to Bernie's discussion forum and the Heavenletter he posted:

Transcendence always does a fabulous job.


Jo Petzer, the editor from South Africa, always puts Heavenletters on top, adds extra quotations from Heavenletters, and always, every time, thanks us: "We appreciate your letting us include your wonderful writing," she writes. She thanks us! We thank you, Jo!

Do you remember how that photo of Christ affected me?

lyne lara

Just recently Lynne Lara posted my experience with the photo on her site. I am grateful to you, Lynne!

I had written:

I kept that golden picture of Christ on my coffee table. When I was alone, I would sit by myself and really look into his eyes. His picture would melt me every time, and I would find myself crying. His compassion came forth from his eyes into my heart, and I would cry.

One time, no different from any other time, I was by myself, looking into his eyes, and suddenly Christ came out of the picture into the room and appeared before me. And then, before my eyes, his distinct image became golden light, all aura, and the light swirled before me and filled me.

And then he spoke to me. He said, "Gloria, I have been seeking you for a long time."

I said out loud: "YOU'VE been seeking ME?"

He said, "Yes, I have been seeking you for a long time." And he went back into the picture.

Then I had a clear insight. I think the insight was given to me, and it wasn't really mine. It was that the seeker and the sought are the same. The seeker and the sought are the same. At the moment, I understood that fully. It had not been said in words, but I understood that that was what I was supposed to know. That was the meaning of what Christ had said to me.

I cried and laughed, and I thought that, from then on, whenever I would look at that picture, Christ would appear to me again in gold light, but it never happened again.

And if you would like to read the whole Story of Heavenletters, you can here:


Help us find out where a sudden burst of new subscribers came from!

On March 5, we had 26 new subscribers. We would love to have this many every day! On that date, the subscribers were mostly from European countries although there were more U.S. subscribers then usual as well. I imagine that an international web site or an ezine with a great readership posted a Heavenletter. I would love to know what site or ezine and which Heavenletter brought us all of these beautiful new subscribers. I would love to write back to the source of this windfall and thank them.

On March 15, there was also many more subscribers than usual and over twenty requests from Facebook.

If you were one of these groups of welcomed new subscribers, and you know how you heard about Heavenletters, will you kindly tell us? Press the Add Comment link at the end of this Heaven News and type into the box. We will appreciate it so much. Thank you.

Photos of Heavenreaders on the profile pages of the Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum

Ninalucia -

Shermiamor -

Mark Platters -

Please post your photos on your profile page on the forum. If you are already registered and you go back to post your photo now, please let us know you have done so and include the link so we can get your photo into next Heaven News.

You Are Invited to the Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum and the Godwriting Blog!

Chuck Gebhardt, M.D. wrote:

Heavenletters forums are different. They are a lovely breath of fresh air, allowing us to really talk about what counts most in our lives with a bunch of very open-minded people that have an expanded sense of life’s possibilities. The comments that usually follow the daily Heavenletter are wonderful, but I sense a certain hesitation in myself as well as in most others to speak freely in this comment venue. I believe this is because it feels a bit presumptuous to add to or interpret what God says in His daily message (although I sometimes fight this feeling and do it anyway).

If I am right about this, I think this leaves your blog, Gloria, as the best place for us to speak about spiritual ideas without any inhibition whatsoever. Also, since you do such a nice job of leading the discussions, this makes it your blog even more valuable in this regard. I guess this is a whole lot of words to just be expressing my agreement with what God says to you here in this blog entry. A focus on a spiritual theme is a wonderful answer to a pressing need.

Thank you, Heavensubscribers!

How happy God must be with you. God gives us His words for us to read and to grow from. And you read them, and you comment on them. And so you spread peace and light to the world.

How grateful we are for you. A thousand blessings.

With love,

Gloria and the Spectacular Heaven Team

Ending Quote:

Joseph's coat of many colors is but a reflection of what the Human being truly is. His coat was not just something donned. The many brilliant colors of his coat revealed his Inner Being. You are the bearer of that coat. It fits you. Your Father gave it to you.

Heavenletter #511 Joseph's Coat of Many Colors
Submitted by Jo Petzer, Transcendence

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Related Topics

For a dear friend

Chuck, I know what a thoughtful and kind man you are, and since I have often felt embraced by your kindness, let me tell you how your contribution makes me sad a little. You are certainly among the people whom I would like to speak up boldly on the forums, and I'd like all of us to be clear about what makes us speak up or shut up.

For me, commenting on a Heavenletter has nothing to do with adding to or interpreting what God says. I'm answering, chatting, perhaps prattling the way I hope a child of God is entitled to. When I speak from my heart, it feels good whatever it is. If I don't feel so good while I'm writing, that's when I know I'm not writing from my heart but theorizing. I usually delete what I wrote then.

Feeling "presumptuous" is one of the oldest and biggest stumbling blocks in Western culture, I believe. For what does that word really say? It's a whole book, isn't it? Anyway, that stumbling block will go when we get more and more clarity about our motives and when we begin seeing the reality of our God-likeness.


new Subscribers...

I am Wendy and I live in Germany. I think I must belong to that burst of subscribers you had at the beginning of March.
Someone posted a Heaven's Letter on Facebook and as I have been interested in spirituality and Light Workers for a very long time and especially since I was diagnosed with breast cancer almost 6 years ago and started to find my own path once again, the post intrigued me and I visited the site.
I liked the sound of the messages and so I subscribed and - of course - I reposted those messages I liked.
I always post messages that I feel may be helpful to people looking for hope, strength or consolation in these turbulent times, and I am very glad to receive your messages.
Thank you!

Today is a New Heaven and a New Earth!

Thank you for your message today! Yes, the perfect truth is today is a New Heaven and a New Earth where righteousness dwells and justice reign supreme as promised by God. Happy Spring Season! Alleluia! Amen! * My Good Wisdom :-)

Today is a New Heaven and a New Earth!

Thank you for your message today! Yes, the perfect truth is today is a New Heaven and a New Earth where righteousness dwells and justice reign supreme as promised by God! Alleluia! Amen! * My Good Wisdom :-)

Burst of new subscribers!

Hello and Blessings,
My name is Nancy Lopez, I also use the name Nova. I started reading Heavenletters about 2 years ago. I always felt a closer connection with God upon reading His beautiful letters which can only come from where else "Heaven" itself! Anyway, on November of 2010, I decided to start a profile on Facebook called "Angel Feathers". I started placing your Heavenletters some time late February thru present and received many positive responses from friends and people all around the world. I'm not 100% sure but my Angel Feathers site might have brought some subscribers to Heavenletters. I feel honored if I might have contributed and I will continue to do so as I am a Lightworker and feel compel to do God's work and help spread God's Light to others. As part of our growing spiritual awakening many other Lightworkers as myself are spreading God's Love thru Facebook and other sites. Thank you so much for your amazing work thru Heavenletters. Bringing people closer to Heaven on Earth! Love & Light...