New Heaven News January 6, 2011 The New Year of God

Opening God Quote:

This is the year you have been waiting for. Wait for it no longer. It is here. The day you have longed for is here. It is here right now.

Heavenletter #3690 Happy New Year from God

Happy New Year! You are our dearest friends.

It would seem that we, Heavenreaders, are, indeed, kindred souls. Some would say that we are a soul family. I know that all of us on the Heaven Team are delighted that we are here together with all of us and God.

We keep hearing that 2011 is going to be a year for big things, big blessings, and great adventures! Hold on to your hats. This is the year we have all been waiting for. This is the Year of God.

God bless you and yours always. Have a beautiful New Year of 365 days.

With all our love and gratitude,

Gloria and The Spectacular Heaven Team

Gloria Wendroff

P.S. In the last issue of Heaven News, we made some errors. Mien from South Africa kindly told us how to spell Afrikaans correctly. She also told us the right way to say Merry Christmas in Afrikaans -- Geseënde Kersfees.

Mien also told us how to say Happy New Year in Afrikaans, and so now we take the opportunity to wish all the people in all the countries of this world a Happy New Year in Afrikaans:
en 'n Gelukkige Nuwe Jaar - Voorspoed in die Nuwe Jaar.

Thank you, Mien.

Mien Swiegers, Pretoria, South Africa

New Subscribers from 23 International Countries since last Heaven News

Argentina Australia Belgium Brazil Canada Ecuador France Germany India Iran Macedonia Mexico Norway Philippines Poland Portugal Romania South Africa Switzerland Syrian Arab Republic Thailand Turkey United Kingdom

Two Heavensubscribers from two countries new to Heavenletters have arrived. For the first time, we welcome Macedonia and the Syrian Arab Republic. We are so happy you are here.

Welcome, Macedonia!

macedonia macedonia

Welcome, Syrian Arab Republic!

syria syria syria

How beautiful are these countries! Our hearts are proud to welcome Macedonia and the Syrian Arab Republic.

One day we will have to list all the countries where Heavensubscribers reside.

New Subscribers from 20 United States since last Heaven News

us flag
Arizona Arkansas Colorado Florida Maryland Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Nevada New York  North Carolina Ohio Oklahoma Pennsylvania Tennessee Texas Utah Virginia Washington Wisconsin

For Graduate Godwriters™ -- Fairfield Continuing Ed workshop Saturday, January 8, 2011 at 2 p.m.

Refreshments will be served. Please email Gloria. Gloria [at] heavenletters [dot] org


David Adelson interviews Gloria on webtalkradio.netThe show will be available for download Tuesday, January 11, 2011 The Simplest Ways |
Many thanks to everyone for sending in your questions. David LOVED them.

David also wrote:

I've just arranged for transcripts of your interview; it'll be on a special page on, with your bio, link for questions, book and Heavenletters info, and a short YouTube video clip I'll be making from the interview. I'll also be submitting the text to 2 article marketing services with links to you and my site


Heavenreaders, listen in to the show and then post your comments on the forum!

More about Spiritual Center in Argentina

Dr. Owen Geiger, Ph.D. in Social and Economic Development, posts a blog every day, and his blog, is always on topic. Anything good he finds about building with nature, he posts it. Here are two I especially enjoyed:

Then a note from Jeff arrived on the forum:

My name is Jeff. I found this site via . Owen posted a blog about the eco community you are creating in Argentina. I am an imaginative permaculture designer and earthbag builder, so I thought I would check this place out to see if we fit. I look forward to exploring!
peace and blessings.

Here is Heaven Admin’s response:

Aloha from Argentina, Jeff. Thank you for finding this place and writing. There is lots to explore here. Dive deep. Argentina is an ideal land to create a radical shift in how homes are built and how we live as a society. Once out of the city, building codes dissolve and one is free to design and build to heart's content. Here in the sierras, land is abundant. I'd love to see some of your designs or hear more about your story.

My feeling is that the small community or village lifestyle we are aiming for is a whole lot more interesting when the community is multi-cultural. Connect that multi-cultural community to a global network of self-sufficient, yet inter-connected communities through which energy, ideas and people flow, and things get a more interesting. We could very well be creating a new Earth. Essentially we're building on the foundation started by the eco-village and sustainable community movement. Our addition is the inter-connectedness.

Who would want to join and commit their lives to a single isolated community when the option of joining a global network of communities is available? By joining a network, what one contributes at community A in Argentina, has equal value at community B in Romania and so that one has the freedom to explore and move within the network without having to start anew.

What about possessions? Could we say that land is never owned by any individual? Instead land is placed under care of a trust and is stewarded by members of the global community. We could carry over the concept of non-possession with other resources too.
Oceans of Love,
Santhan (Heaven Admin)

Angels Who Spread Heavenletters

Russ Michael has praised and promoted Heavenletters from the first day he discovered them. Every day in his newsletter , he includes a Heavenletter. Michael introduced us to the publishers who published our book in Greek, German, and Romanian. Now Michael has a new book out in which he includes two Heavenletters:
Heavenletter #3686 To Be Generous
Heavenletter #3687 A Lamp in the World
The name of Russ Michael’s book is The IMAGE, The Secret Source  of All Personal and Cosmic Power
Here’s what Michael says:

Though in illusion it may appear that others seem to have complete control over you--over what you do or what you are, or what you are to become--rather be assured, no matter whether you know it or not, see it or not or be it or alone can create and fulfill whatever IMAGE you hold in and for your own life dream--an IMAGE that only you alone can choose, or  even freely re-choose--in any blessed moment of your infinite, eternal good (GOD) life!"  So be it...and so it is.   Russ Michael

The Image will be out soon. I’m pretty sure you can get it here: WWW.SOULMATEBOOKS.COM or email Russ Michael here:
Age-reversal [at]


You may remember Marlene Swetlishoff. She was on the forum a lot, and she generously made some super Youtube presentations of Heavenletters. Isn’t that photo of her great!

Now Marlene does her own spiritual writing and has her own website where she continues to generously support Heavenletters by publishing Heavenletters. Marlene also continues to donate to Heavenletters. Marlene is one of those special people who comes back to say thank you. Thank you, Marlene!

Miguel Angel, Mexico
Miguel wrote:

Let me tell you that I’m proud to share Heavenletters. This is the site:
I thank Heavenletters for bringing God close to me. Heavenletters are real and have been very useful to me, and always come to me at the right time. I invite you and the Heaven team to keep doing what you’re doing. Please give my greetings to God and all the Heaven kingdom.
My love, Namaste, at your service,

Ending God Quote

Happy New Year.

Heavenletter #3690 Happy New Year from God

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Love to ALL,

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One for you, lovely Oldooz, and one for me, all right?


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OK, dearest Jochen! --that was what I exactly had in mind, a real job! I have never had a real job as well.

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re: New Heaven News

Well, I hope that I look as good as Mien when I'm older physically. (^_^)