New Heaven News January 24, 2011 The Beginning of Fulfillment

Opening Quote:

"I send angels to drop pearls of love into your eyes."

Heavenletter #531 Heavenward

New Subscribers from 20 International Countries since last Heaven News

Australia Belgium Brazil Canada Columbia Croatia France Germany India Mexico Netherlands Nicaragua Norway Philippines Romania Russian Federation St. Vincent South Africa Turkey United Kingdom Venezuela

New Subscribers from 28 United States since last Heaven News

Alabama Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Iowa Maryland Massachusetts Minnesota Missouri Nevada New Jersey New Mexico Nebraska New York North Carolina Ohio Oregon Pennsylvania South Carolina Texas Washington Washington, D.C.

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These are two instances where numbers count.

Oprah Winfrey

The Oprah Winfrey Show will come to an end in 2011, but before 'it's a wrap', whom do you want to see sitting next to Oprah? We always love hearing from our viewers so now it’s your turn to tell us who YOU want Oprah to interview before the show ends. Maybe it's someone she's never talked to? You tell us. The guest can be unexpected, notorious, head-turning, tear-jerking, headline-making...we want to know who you've always wanted on Oprah. Email us your ideas now! Tell Us Your Story.

It would also be great if you told us here what you sent in to Oprah! Press that add comment link at the end of this Heaven News.

Here are some of the Heavenreader responses we know about already:

“Wanted to let you know that I just sent a quick email off to Oprah. I wrote that Heavenletters changed my life. Wouldn't that be so amazing to be on Oprah?! Think of the audience God would reach. Mind-blowing!!!”
Buttercup, New York

"Did you ever believe that you could personally communicate directly with God, no matter if you are religious or not, and get an answer? A God that would give you answers on how to attain real happiness and fulfillment, not through illusions but through Truth. Have a try by meeting Gloria Wendroff on her website at: and savouring a Heavenletter which is a love letter from God delivered to you each morning."
Normand Bourque, Australia

And so we ask that you press this link to the Oprah Show and say why you would like to have Gloria and Heaven Admin represent Heavenletters™ on the Oprah show. Maybe you could be on too!

A thousand requests may well get the people who choose guests for the Oprah Show interested enough to take a look at us. Five thousand surely would. Ten thousand better! This is a case of numbers, and so you are casting a vote. It’s a long shot, yet let’s go for it.

The second request is to simply download Gloria’s latest radio interview on Webtalk Radio. The people at Webtalk Radio base their evaluation of an interview on the numbers of people who download it.
Click here to download the show ->

David Adelson does a remarkable job of promoting Heavenletters. However, it's a stretch to say that on this interview you will learn how to Godwrite! Nevertheless, everyone can do it!

David wrote:

David Aldelson

This week, Heavenletter author Gloria Wendroff tells us how she grew up without religion --and now "transcribes" daily letters from God!

Download and listen now!

Thousands of people the world over receive daily e-mails from God; does it take years of study to transcribe them? Do you have to be religious? Is there special training? Can you listen to God? Find out what it takes—being human—and why you could benefit from this simple process in this episode of The Simplest Ways.

Listen to Gloria Wendroff as she talks about the benefits of receiving letters from God on a daily basis, and learn how you can, too.

On The Simplest Ways on

Heavenreaders responded:

"Congratulations, most beautiful interview...and touching, your gently vibrating soft voice, like angel's wings flapping." Emilia Novellis, Italy

"This is a must hear. It's wonderful!" George Monta, Colorado

"I hear your voice to day but could not hear everything, so much disturbance in my house -- I have to download. You have wonderful soft voice." Carmen Rasmussen, Denmark

"During the interview, there were so many divine thoughts that were going through your mind, Gloria. Knowing you, I was listening to them more than to the ones you were verbalizing. That is the privilege of being a Heavenletter reader."

"I have just written to Oprah AND downloaded your interview." Herminio, South Spain

A Few of the Angels Who Spread Heavenletters Everywhere

In just about every country of the world, in English and in all the translated languages, Heavenreaders post Heavenletters on their websites and blogs. In this issue of Heaven News, we'll tell a little about The Netherlands, Turkeye, Cameroon, Spain, Austria, India…

In addition to translating Heavenletters 7 days a week into the Dutch language, Luus van Leeuwen also translates every issue of Heaven News. Heaven News brings Heavenreaders closer and, so, Luus is building a greater sense of community among her Dutch-speaking readers.

Here's how the last Heaven News looks in Dutch:

Heaven Nieuws 6 januari 2011, Het Nieuwe Jaar van God

Heavenletters™, brengt de Aarde dichter bij de Hemel.
HEAVEN is er om iedere ziel op Aarde tot herontwaken te bereiken:
* Onze verbinding met God *
* Ons geloof in onszelf *
* Ons besef van onze gedeelde waardigheid met God *
* Vrede op Aarde *
God brengt ons altijd dichter bij Hem.

Luus, thank you so much.

Ledere Stap is Vrede (Every Step Is Peace)

Elisabeth van Reeuwijk-Spaargaren

I have been reading Heavenletters for about 4 years. I posted Heavenletters on "Van Alles Alleen het Goed" -- "Of Everything Only The Good", where everybody could post whatever they wanted to share and everybody enjoyed reading. There used to be clubs/groups about Spiritual, Paranormal, Esotericism, etc., yet we/I had friends who were more interested in poetry, or nature, or their dogs etc. and I was willing to set up a forum for my friends. I did not have a clue how to start a forum, but I had promised I would.

I was raised that everything you support is possible as long as you do it with good heart -- then you would get the strength. However, after I started this forum, MSN (Microsoft Nederland) , where I had been posting my Heavenletters, stopped! Then I went to Google, but also Google stopped!

Now we have a forum called Ledere Stap is Vrede (Every Step Is Peace), because I believe in Heavenletters. The dear people who like to read Heavenletters come especially to read them. And, of course, I include the link to Heavenletters, the banner, and Luus' name is on the translation.

The link to this forum is

Elisabeth, thank you so much.

Also from the Netherlands, Marlon Brammer has recently started a special hyve where she posts beautiful Heavenletters. The daily Heavenletter always is on top. Hyves is a social network of people mainly from the Netherlands, rather similar to Facebook. The name hyves comes from "beehive".

Marlon's page can be found here:

Marlon, thank you so much.

From Turkeye:

sifa cemberi

Lale and Jale
Jale and Lale from Istanbul sponsored a Godwriting workshop there two years ago. Engin Vural, our Turkish translator, recently told me that Jale and Lale are continuing to post Heavenletters in their newsletters. Thank you so much, dear friends.

Anne-Marie, a diplomat's wife presently in Barcelona, Spain, posts Heavenletters on her Facebook page. Thank you, Anne-Marie!

Thomas Pafe, from the Republic of Cameroon, a country of central and western Africa where 230 languages and dialects are spoken, writes:

I have been reading and distributing HL for the past several years with a lot of enthusiasm and resolve. Gloria, your response to my quest on whether God is Personal or Impersonal touched my heart so dearly and inspired my writing a new book titled “The Religion of Love, A Manual to Guide You on the Path to Enlightenment." I will have another book coming out soon called "The Science of Ascension."

Your reply `God is love` was not a Heavenletter but a reply to my question about God's being personal vs impersonal. God’s love filled me with the knowledge and understanding that God is All That Is - personal or impersonal does not matter then.


Thomas continues:

God in Heavenletters has relayed to us how to be a Light unto the world.

I know with unwavering trust that, after our ‘Dream Shopping,’ we will make a stop in Heaven. and God will as usual prepare us Love for supper – only Love exists, anything else is an illusion. We are blissfully responding to the call showering in this occasion of the new world – the Golden Age in Love, Oneness, Peace, Harmony, Service and Gratitude. Stay Blessed for this moment is full of grace.

What beauty, joy and love I embrace in God’s emails - Glory be to the most High !!!

Oneness, Love & Service

Thomas Pafe

Tony Camero made Heavenletters #2 on the following site. He posted:

What i love about Fairfield -- Multi-Social Blogging Community

I wanted to share this today as one of the first external resources I'll be sharing from one of our beloved treasures, Gloria Wendroff. Read it... know it.



You Have a Greater Purpose | Heavenletters -

How can you get caught in disappointment when you have a high purpose in life? When you are devoting yourself to Me, how can you get your foot caught in little traps of the world? So, you expected more from friends, and they didn’t give it to you. What better time t...

Apologies for error in last Heaven News:

This is the correct link to download Russ Michael's new ebook: Many more wonderful free downloads here. Sorry to have given an outdated link, Michael!

Michael unceasingly tells the world about Heavenletters. In his new book, IMAGE, the Source of All Personal and Cosmic Power, Michael says so many wonderful things about Heavenletters. This is only one. This appears under Recommended High Vibration Books and Study Data:

Heavenletters - Book One, by Gloria Wendroff. Incredibly high vibration. The book currently is published in English, German, Greek, and Romanian. Gloria also conducts awesome Godwriting Workshops. I attended one she held in Munich, Germany. It was fantastic.

Join Gloria’s worldwide email list to receive her FREE daily email Heavenletter by signing up on her website at

Thank you, Michael.

[Note from Gloria: If you want to order Heavenletters, Love Letters from God, Book One, please order through Amazon We have only three copies left!]

Thank you all, Luus, Elizabeth, Marlon, Anne-Marie, Engin, Lale and Jale, Thomas, Tony, Michael, and all the other angels not mentioned in this Heaven News who also serve God so amazingly.

Update on the Heaven E-zine

We were blessed with Angela Byars, an amazing volunteer Editor in Chief. Angela and I had many ideas and dreams together. Sadly, Angela developed a recurring difficulty with her eyes that prevents her from spending time on the computer. We are so grateful for the opportunity to get to know Angela and work with her. Angela, may this difficulty with your retinas go away and you come back soon. You occupy a special place in our hearts, and there's always a place for you here. Thank you, dear Angela.

Meanwhile, we're back to the drawing board again, looking for an Editor in Chief for Heaven's International E-zine.

Whoever is reading this, are you someone who would like to put together a Heaven E-zine? Are you computer literate – or even a computer genius! What related experience do you have? Are you project-oriented and people-oriented? Are you creative and imaginative? Do you like to take initiative? Do you also like to work as part of a team? Would you like to become involved and play a key part in Heavenletters' outreach? Do you have the time and flexibility, and would this be joyful for you?

The Heaven E-zine would be pretty much like Heaven News only expanded. We would have more features, interviews -- just think what could have been done with this Heaven News.

Would you like to help move the Heaven E-zine forward?

Apply within! – and then get in touch with us by pressing the Add Comment link at the end of this Heaven News and telling us about you!

Artwork for Heaven E-zine

Annie Dalton, Australia

Annie, we love your art! The expression on your neighbor's face, the colors, how you did the trees in the background. Thank you.

Heaven Admin, through Mojah Media, develops prize winning web site for orphanage in India.

Kambala, the Director of Meeds Services and the orphanage, also loves Heavenletters and invites us all to visit him in India.

We all greet you from India. India loves you. You are welcome to India for 2011 Godwriting™ workshop. I will arrange here in India with much love. I am so happy to be part of Heavenletters of Almighty God.

When you come, you will see our two herbal clinics, herbal gardens, the woman's tailoring project, organic garden that feeds the children, and all of my team in India. I will show to you all beautiful Andaman and Nichobar Islands very close to us. One meditation day at Taj Mahal, the wonder of the world. I know each and every part of India. Love and peace, science and nature, culture, new India. Ohhhh, waiting for you. I will give my level best hospitality to you all.

You have your family member, Kambala, here no problem. You can feel at home in India by me. I feel my family will come from USA. I hope I will see you all very soon. Please tell all our friends about this news and invitation. Welcome to you all with much love,
India........Heaven letters

Beloved Kambala, how we would love to make this trip, meet in India, have a Godwriting workshop, help with the children. Please know it is our desire to say a big Yes to your beautiful invitation. We would love to meet you and all your children and help you. Right now we do not know the means to make this happen in 2011. We will see what God has in store for us.

You are doing marvelous God-centered work, Kambala.

God bless you and all of your family, including the children whose father you have become.

With love and blessings. Namaste.

Gloria Wendroff

Ending Quote:

"Desire Greater."

Heavenletter # 879 - Desire Greater

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What I wrote to Oprah

Dear Oprah,

I want to see and hear Gloria Wendroff on your show.
She is an amazing woman who is the person behind Heavenletters and Godwriting.
She began her journey over 12 years ago and has conducted workshops all over the world, touching the lives of thousands. She reaches many others every day with her emailed Heavenletters.

She is funny, intelligent, a great speaker and has been interviewed on television and radio many times, so she would not be at all at a loss for words.

She can be reached through her website,
Check it out, Oprah, you won't be disappointed.

Jacqueline Signori

Gloria, our beloved angel,

Gloria, our beloved angel, grandmom-in-love of Sarya

love you soooooo much

Letter to Oprah

In 2004 I began to receive free subscription to a daily online newsletter called Heaven Letters. This became a tool that has played a major role in my transformational journey. Along with other information and guides, Heaven Letters is a daily source of inspiration.

I would love to see Oprah interview the architect and founder, Gloria Wendroff. Her amazing gift, which she says we all can cultivate, allows her to write beautiful expressions of love from the heart of God to the heart of man/woman. Thank you for your consideration.

In Joy!