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To the dear lady who emailed me in response to the Godwriting™ workshop in South Africa. I remember that you were from Florida. You were unable to attend due to court issues and finances. You wrote the kind of email no one could ever not answer. I am so sorry that I am unable to find your email. I almost have your email memorized but not your name or how to reach you. I have tried everything. I am hoping above hope that you will read this and get in touch with me again. Please email me or post where it says Add Comment below. I very much want to hear from you so I can respond to your beautiful heart. Thank you, dear one. Please see this and get in touch with me right away. gloria [at] heavenletters [dot] org

Opening God Quotation

Here, I give you all My love today so that where there is not love or love enough, you will give it, and love from you, no matter at what distance, will bring peace that will cover the world like clover…

Heavenletter #4048 Strong Silent Love

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1st Godwriting™ Workshop on the African Continent!

Normand & Pierre

On the left is Normand, Heaven’s French translator. On the right is Pierre. Pierre is a high-level engineer and administrator.

Above is Pierre at beginning of workshop. And below is Pierre after!


Honestly, I can’t swear this photo was after. I think it was. In any case, I am using it to demonstrate how much more relaxed we can be after we Godwrite!

Normand and Pierre made their flight reservation several weeks in advance. You know, they made a commitment. They didn’t let anything prevent them. Commitment is always a good thing. It says something. Incidentally, Normand made his reservation BEFORE his open heart surgery – 5 by-passes plus valve replacement. Way to go, Normand!

It was a wonderful workshop, and it was unusual. For one thing, no one from South Africa came, except for Heaven Admin!

Of course, the workshop was scheduled two day’s before New Year’s Eve in order to accommodate the two gentlemen above who flew to South Africa from Australia -- an 11-hour flight!

You will find seven (yes, 7! ) blogs up on Godwriting™ blog right now. This workshop warranted so many blogs. Powerful boundary-breaking workshop. This is the blog entry to begin with: Note that this blog entry will become a major part of the book on How to Godwrite™. Please note that this is just a working title. Your ideas of what would be good real title are warmly invited. Please post here. Thanks!

Right now I’d like to share just a few comments from Normand’s and Pierre’s workshop evaluations:

Normand wrote:

Godwriting™ is a liberating experience because you have to open yourself to the group, and it is this opening that God wants to happen. We are all different, yet we are One, and we are reunited to experience our Oneness with ourself, the others and God... Rely and start on your experience of life seen from a Oneness point of view. After all, Godwriting is YOU talking to you.

Pierre wrote:

Unique! Actually I did not know I would be asked to GodWrite! I did not know I could GodWrite! It was a fantastic experience. Very special. I can "hear" God. I think God was talking to me the first day, but I could not hear him. I “got it” when I stopped trying. Actually, I started a conversation with God by thanking Him for my blessings and started rambling. It was at the end of the Godwriting™ session that I realized God was talking, and I was merely writing!

Dear Heavenletters™, a Few of the Beautiful Thank you’s from Heavenreaders

Andy from Iowa writes:

Some people read the papers first thing in the morning, I read Heaven Letters. I have re-posted many Heaven Letters at my Facebook profile. And I am not an "easy" audience. I have found the letters to be beautiful, poetic, colorful, but also, most importantly, steeped in the Truth of Divine Love, of which we all are the benefactors, and participators. Thank you so much for these beautiful gifts to the world. I feel and know Heavenletters™ are contributing greatly to increasing the vibrational energy. With Great Love, Andy

Andrea from Lucerne, Switzerland, writes:


Just wanted to let you know I translated the post into Italian on my blog. Thank you for your work of Love! Love, Andrea.

Valerie, United Kingdom, wrote:

Happy New Year! How lovely, God, that You write to me each day until finally i believe in the truth Your words speak ...that i have seen this glory felt this glory in my self ....i am truly back to my one true self my God Self. All the seeming hurts of the past dissolve now in the love I AM ...i can speak it now i can write it now because I AM truly seeing through the ONENESS OF LOVE IN THIS MOMENT NOW, NO PAST...NO FUTURE...HOLINESS, LOVE FROM LOVE XXXXXX

John from Canada wrote:

Dear Heavenletters™,


Absolutely LOVE this message... Heavenletter #4059 Follow Your Heart Where It Takes You

I've been following HeavenLetters for some time now and am often moved and encouraged by the message of Oneness that comes thru but this particular teaching and the timing are absolutely PERFECT by my practiced discernment no matter what others may say ;)

Thanking you for this most beautiful service,

I AM oneat1



John :-/

Karin, Netherlands wrote:

Since 30 December 2011, I know your wonderful site through Nancy Tate. I discovered on her site the link to Heavenletters™, and it is for me a present from Heaven. The letters I received so far are really resonating....Today the letter about Oneness is lovely and divine.... I see myself as a silent force in a beautiful play that is called LIFE.... I feel honored to send you the mail from NANCY TATE in which I discovered Heavenletters™. I have been seeing an interview with you, Gloria, and your warm purity attracted me at once....very beautiful....I am very grateful for it all....I do my best with some help to send a foto to you. Lots of LOVE...Karin

Thank you, Nancy Tate!

Nancy Tate

Two newsletters that every day post a Heavenletter – and more!

Not only do Lady Isis and Russ Michael each circulate a Heavenletter every day, they are not shy about going more than the extra mile.

Lady Isis

Lady Isis frequently chooses a quote from Heavenletters™ as Isis’ Message of the Day. Here’s a recent one I love:

Isis' Message of the Day -

God said:

Let Us be partners in this enterprise called Life on Earth. Let Us march toward peace. Let Us carry peace with Us and upliftment to all.

Put down your arms, beloveds. If you must defend, defend peace. If you must assail, assail ego. If you must possess, possess love and give it away as the blessing it is.

As We are friends, so must you be friendly to all. Friendliness has value. Friendship has value. Enmity has none. Be for peace and love and brotherhood. Honor the bond between all and wind it freely throughout the Universe. Let there be no place in the world for resentment. Release hearts. May all hearts sail on the Ocean of Life and Love. Let your heart be a sailboat quietly bringing all to the harbor wherein love lies.

* From Heavenletters™ November 6, 2011 * Copyright1999-2011 * Heavenletter #3999 - The Love that God Is *
* * *

Two Heavenletters quotations that Russ Michael shares every day in Michael’s Worldwide Newsletter are:

Russ Michael

Russ Michael

Can someone find which Heavenletter this is from?.

Russ Michael
Heavenletter #2533 - Your Love Falls Like Snow from the Heavens

Free Heavenletter Screensaver from Transcendence Mini-Mag

“Sunlight works its magic on you without your analysis of it.”

Heaven Screensaver Photography by Victoria Rodda

Dear Heavenreaders,

It is so beautiful in South Africa, beautiful in every way. The land, the people, the climate. You can see more about the Indian Ocean and the incredible hospitality and the wonderful time I’m having. Here are a few blog entries that give you a taste:

With love and blessings and a Joyous New Year for all,

Gloria and the Spectacular Heaven Team

Closing God Quote:

I call you My dream, for I have dreamed of you a million times. No, more than that. I have dreamed you eternally, infinitely, and I dream you still, and you are Myself insulated in a little body on a little Earth, so I dream of Myself as spectacular and bright light bursting from bounds until there is no difference between so-called Heaven and so-called Earth when Light is all there is anyway, and I can only dream of All That Is.

Heavenletter #4052 God Dreams of You

Happy New Year

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no more lies , a the viel lifts , everything shifts,
truth is revealed as oneness,
it was all an act ...illusions ...delusions ,a magic show ,
the time is now, and has always been,and wi be ,
the temporary is what is seen
the unseen is eternal,
rest now as peace decends,softly like snow ,enveloping the Whole,
sleeping beautys heart awakens now,from the dream,
to find the Golden age has returned once more,
IT fills us with love so deep
like a river IT flows, right out of our hearts and we,
stand as one complete.