New Heaven News February 24, 2012 Love, God's and Ours

Opening God Quotation

"Love is the most powerful arrow you carry in your quiver." 

Heavenletter #4907 A Palace of Hearts

35 Nations new Heavenreaders came from since last Heaven News

Australia – Austria - Belgium - Brazil - British Columbia - Canada - China - Columbia - Croatia - Czech Republic – Egypt - Germany - Hungary - India - Indonesia - Ireland - Italy - Kenya - France - Malaysia - Mexico - Netherlands - Netherlands Antilles - New Zealand - Philippines  - Romania - Slovenia - South Africa - Spain - Switzerland - Turkey - Uganda – United Arab Emirates - United Kingdom - Venezuela

30 United States that new Heavenreaders came from since last Heaven News

Alabama - Arizona - Arkansas - California - Colorado - Connecticut - Delaware - Florida - Georgia - Illinois - Maryland - Massachusetts - Michigan - Minnesota - Nebraska - Nevada - New Jersey - New York - North Carolina - Ohio - Oregon - Pennsylvania - Rhode Island - South Carolina - Tennessee - Texas - Utah - Virginia - Washington - Wisconsin

Love for Heavenletters™ Flows In


, Brazil

Aren't the colors in the photo below gorgeous? Here is Adrienne B. Janzen, a biological and medical illustrator, at work, and read what she has to say!

New Heaven News February 19, 2012   Love, God’s and Ours

Adrienne writes:

Wow, thank you so much! Heavenletter #4095 Where Else Can Love Exist, was my very first Heavenletter, and I'm sitting in my town's coffee shop, my eyes tearing up out of LOVE. This message resonates deep in me, and I thank you for that reminder. On my journey closer to God-ess-ence, I find myself learning more about love each time I experience it -- an ever growing wave that has potential to engulf this whole world. Heavenletters™ are doing a very admirable service to each one of us who read them. Bless you!

Adrienne B. Janzen, University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin, USA

What brings new Heavensubscribers?

When Normand Bourque and Jean-Christophe first started translating Heavenletters™ into French about a year ago, we had approximately 150 French Heavensubscribers.

New Heaven News February 19, 2012   Love, God’s and Ours New Heaven News February 19, 2012   Love, God’s and Ours

Now the number of French subscribers has doubled, and we have 300 -- 299 to be exact!

We have never advertised. Word of mouth has brought us new subscribers -- probably YOU! Much credit goes to far-thinking websites and blogs that circulate Heavenletters™. 

And now, here is one webmaster who has brought us many many new French Heavensubscribers -- Introducing Michel Saint-Jean of Canada

New Heaven News February 19, 2012   Love, God’s and Ours

I emailed Michel and asked: How did you find out about Heavenletters™?

Michel responded:

Gloria, what if I told you that I don’t remember...Heavenletters™ came to me some years ago, I don’t know where from, yet, as we know, nothing happens by chance. Then, for me, Heavenletters™ became little stepping stones on the Path, that I put daily in the Chroniques d’Acturius in order to serve the Source. I found Heavenletters™ refreshing. These are letters that come from the heart of the Source and are meant to talk to the heart of the readers. To be present daily to serve the Source is at the heart of my being and, so, when somebody stops at my site, I offer Heavenletters™ along with other gems.

Gloria, you are like me, a sower of Love, Tenderness and Kindness, just to remember that Life is good and that we are deeply loved by life. I also want to thank all the translators who translate Heavenletters™. Their humble job of a scribe is appreciated. Thank you. It is most important is to serve, not to be served!

Paix – Amour – Lumière, Michel

Lady Isis goes the extra mile:

New Heaven News February 19, 2012   Love, God’s and Ours

In addition to posting each day's Heavenletter since FOREVER, Lady Isis frequently posts a quotation from God in her Message of the Day. Here's the latest:

God said:
Holding on is attachment. Attachments have to be let go of. The physical object you cannot let go of, you can keep, only you have to let go of your hold on it. You don't need it. You may depend on it, yet you don't need it. The same is true for people. Keep those dear to you at the same time as you let them go. Your loved ones are free agents, and so are you. Freedom is better than attaching. When you attach, your heart will get broken. What else would break your heart? Freedom does not. It is your attachment that you have to break, not your heart.
To be free, you must set others free. The more you release others from your clasp, the freer you are. You are freed from your own clasp.

Heavenletter #3965 To Your Own Light Be True

Thank you, Lady Isis.

[My deep apologies to all the Yahoo sites that publish Heavenletters™ and that I neglected to keep track of. I am so grateful to you. Will you kindly let us know who you are?]

Carola Ab has been posting Heavenletters™ to her Facebook page, The Kingdom of Heaven. Carol, you have a great following who post on your site how much they love Heavenletters™ and you for posting them. Thanks a bunch for the great new Heavenreaders you send our way. 

Adrienne B. Janzen asked if she may post Heavenletters in her blog that is almost ready to be up. 

By all means, yes, Adrienne, the answer is Yes! All are invited to post Heavenletters on their blog or website. We ask that you kindly:

  • Let us know
  • Include the exact title of the Heavenletter
  • Include the Heavenletter #
  • Keep the text as it is
  • Include permanent link  (You will find this at the end of the text of each Heavenletter or beneath the Heavenletter on the web site)

Please accept our thanks!

And here is another publisher of Heavenletters™! Reintroducing Andrea Sartori from Italy.

New Heaven News February 19, 2012   Love, God’s and Ours

Because of Andrea’s posting Heavenletters™ on her blog, the numbers of Italian Heavenreaders are growing very fast, 10 new ones in just a few days. Thanks, Andrea!

And here is a photo of Paula Launonen who singlehandedly translates Heavenletters™ into Italian every day.

New Heaven News February 19, 2012   Love, God’s and Ours

Paula has been translating Heavenletters for seven years, seven days a week. Interestingly, Italian is Paula’s second language! Paula came from Finland! Here is what Paula says about translating:

The more I translate the Heavenletters™, the more I love them. I realize that they contain the same profound wisdom of many complicated messages, but the love and wisdom are given with the greatest ease, so that one who reads them doesn’t even realize to be absorbing such Truth. Heavenletters™ are unlike anything I’ve read, and I’ve really read a lot.

Paula Launonen, Translator, Ravenna, Italy

Here is what Chantal LaHanque, Paris, France, one of Heaven's three French translators, says about translating:

New Heaven News February 19, 2012   Love, God’s and Ours

When the Heavenletters™ came, things became faster and easier in my life. I do believe that Heavenletters™ have this effect on Heavenreaders. However, since  I started translating Heavenletters™, the speed became exponential! Translating these precious words made me go deeper into the understanding and the feeling of them, but also because of all the wonderful exchanges I had with Gloria and the Heaven team on the Heaven forum and blog. It does feel like home when you get to have exchanges with such a loving and considerate crowd.

Dear Heavenreaders, how did you hear of Heavenletters™?

Chantal Lahanque, pictured above, also tells how she first heard of Heavenletters™. It's a great intertwining story:

At the end of this New Heaven News, you will see a link that says Add Comment. Click that link and tell us YOUR story! Give us the pleasure!

Are you the Dutch translator we are looking for?

New Heaven News February 19, 2012   Love, God’s and Ours

Luus (short for Lucia) van Leeuwen has been singlehandedly translating Heavenletters™ into Dutch every day, seven days a week, for two years. That’s 730 Heavenletters! Luus isn’t the only translator who unfailingly takes responsibility for the people who can only read Heavenletters in their native language. We are so grateful. All the translating angels volunteer their time and their hearts to further the outreach of God’s words in Heavenletters™.  Luus’ Dutch translations go to all the Heavenreaders in the Netherlands and also to the Dutch-speaking Heavenreaders in Belgium.

Luus would love to be part of a team the way the French translators are, or, at least, have one translating buddy.

Are you the one we’re looking for? Is Dutch your native language? Are you comfortable with the English language? Do you love Heavenletters™?

If you have an impulse to become a translating angel, please email me, Gloria [at] Heavenletters [dot] org. Please note you will receive an auto-responder message, but, be assured, I will receive your email, read it, respond, and forward it to Luus.
Let me tell you, whoever you are, that Luus is one of the finest people in the world and a joy to work with.

Updating Your Profile Page on the Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum.

Here’s a photo of Dana on our present Profile Page. We ask everyone to please post his or her photo.

New Heaven News February 19, 2012   Love, God’s and Ours who, incidentally, has inspiring spiritual experiences.

Here is the photo I bravely posted on my profile page. My daughter took this pic of me one morning when I was just waking up. Don't look!

New Heaven News February 19, 2012   Love, God’s and Ours

Please post a photo of you, informal, candid, the real you! 
Here’s how to find your profile page so you can add your photo:

  • Get a nice candid photo of yourself.
  • Log into the website by clicking here or look for the User login block on the right.
  • Once logged in, Click My Account  in the User login block.
  • Click Edit up top
  • Scroll down, browse for a photo and upload
  • Scroll down and click Submit

The profile page will also soon be updated with new questions such as:

  • Tell us your personal story -- where you were born, where you live now, your family, your occupation, your dreams. What do you most like to do in this world?
  • How did you find Heavenletters™?
  • What has God in Heavenletters™ said that stands out for you?  What are some of your favorite Heavenletters™ and/or favorite selected quotations? 
  • When did you first realize that you are a spiritual being? Tell us about your personal Spiritual Journey.

If you do not already have your profile on the Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum and would like to get your photo up, please register here:

Coming Up! Recorded Heavenletters that you can listen to on the website. Stay tuned.

Closing God Quote:

"It is an amazing thing how intrinsic you are to all of Creation, how vital, how instrumental, how beautiful, how aspiring, how fulfilling, how electrical, how amazing in this phenomenon called life."

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