New Heaven News 27 February, 2010 God's Meeting Place

Opening God Quote:

"And I sent you to the planet Earth to reflect My light lightheartedly. Will you forego seriousness now? Once and for all? Will you become lighthearted in service to Me?"
     Heavenletter #2604 Shine On, O Harvest Moon!

Come Play with Me Godwriting™ Workshop

Dear Ginger, Laura, Chamaigne, Charles, Sylvia -- thank you so much for coming. (And Dianita, too, who is not in photo.)

A few reviews soon after the first day of a two-day workshop:

Ginger Nelson

The workshop was good, indeed, endearing everyone to God and you and divine Santhan, the lovely people who came, the special healing treat of Barbara Hovey and the singing bowls. The enlightening quotes that we shared primed the pump for Godwriting™  -- and the long wait before you let us Godwrite had us champing at the bit! 
     Ginger Nelson,  Organic Gourmet Trail Mix Products, Iowa

Laura Weinberg

What a wonderful group! So thrilled that I came and have the chance to come back for the second session. To be at the workshop and to be Godwriting was like coming Home again!
     Laura Weinberg, Office Manager/Teacher/Poet/Artist/Songwriter, Iowa

Chamaigne Montana

I had a fabulous time at the workshop. Very very soul nourishing.  Thank you so much.
The food was delicious,
The writing nutritious,
and all of us meeting together auspicious!
     Chamaigne Montana, Producer, Co-Host Writers’ Voices Live Talk Radio and Social Network

Charley Orland Fines

Thank you, Gloria and Santhan, for all you did. I certainly would do it all over again, and I expect I will be even more grateful for the opportunity as the rest of my life unrolls.
      Charles Fines, Golf Course Superintendent,  Michigan

Sylvia Richards

How wonderfully God transforms us! How thankful I am that God can change people like me, and can change people to the extent of using people like me in His service. I can feel the change taking place already within me, just from doing the Godwriting yesterday and this morning. 
      Sylvia Richards, Writer, Program and Student Loan Administrator, Iowa

Kirt Is Back! So glad you're back!

We're turning cartwheels that Kirt McCurdy of Colorado is back as Tech Angel again, saving Heaven Admin and me much time and energy! Kirt cares, takes responsibility, and gives great service. And he knows his way around. He's sending out many of the translations and soon will be taking over the technical aspects of the New Heaven News. I spend 8 - 10 hours getting Heaven News together, and Heaven Admin at least 3 hours producing it. Kirt is making our lives easier.

And Kirt is another one of those divine volunteers who won't allow us to thank them but thank us instead. God bless you, Kirt.

Middle God Quote:

"There is not one of you who does not know Me. Is it such a leap to acknowledge, once and for all, that you are My meeting place, and that I live in you?"
      Heavenletter #99, God’s Vision, God’s Truth

Welcome, International Countries since Last Heaven News

Australia   Belgium  Denmark  Finland   France  Ghana  India   Namibia
Netherlands   New Zealand   Portugal  Slovenia  South Africa  Spain
Switzerland  Turkey  United Kingdom

Number of U.S. Heavensubscribers by State

Alabama 11
Alaska 7
Arizona 85
Arkansas 13
California 204
Colorado 62
Connecticut 17
Florida 202
Georgia 44
Hawaii 30
Idaho 14
Illinois 61
Indiana 34
Iowa 74
Kansas 29
Kentucky 12

Louisiana 27
Maine 22
Maryland 25
Massachusetts 15
Michigan 63
Montana 30
Nebraska 8
New Hampshire 12
New Jersey 35
New Mexico 34
New York 92
North Carolina 43
North Dakota 3
Ohio 101
Oklahoma 12

Oregon 68
Pennsylvania 29
Rhode Island 8
South Carolina 11
South Dakota 3
Tennessee 21
Texas 159
Utah 28
Vermont 12
Virginia 50
Washington 45
Washington, D.C. 3
West Virginia 8
Wisconsin 33
Wyoming 3


There are more Heaven subscribers from U.S. than listed here. This count is about a month old, and there are people who just don't put down where they're from, and so they're not counted.

As you see, the states that have the most subscribers are:

California 204 Florida 202 Texas 159

We would love to reach more people from every state. Of course, God isn't counting! I am. I love to see the numbers get bigger and bigger!

One of the 12 Heavenreaders from Oklahoma is a 16-year old high school student. In my heart, he counts for a hundred.

Most Heavenreaders find Heavenletters™ through word of mouth.

Beloved Dutch Translators

Here are the names of more Dutch translators from the past:

Bert Menninga was our very first Dutch translator. He was a great photographer. Alas, I cannot find a photo of him.

Gert Overweg was next.

one4alltimes's picture
Then Emmy Bouwman who translated many Heavenletters. Again, no photo.

And Leen Joseph took Heavenletters to her heart.

leen's picture

And now we welcome our newest Dutch translator, Luus (Lucia) van Leeuwen. Beloved Luus, will you please send a photo? Our Dutch language readers already know Anco Terpstra

We are so grateful to every single translator. Thank you so much.

Listen to 2 New Radio Shows! Fabulous!

Chamaigne wrote:
Here you are on the home page:
Here's the link to go right to your interview:
Here's the link to go to my blog about your interview. (There is also a link to this from your interview page.)
Chamaigne Montana
Producer, Co-Host
Writers’ Voices Live Talk Radio and Social Network

From CJ Carl:

Here's how to find the radio interview: for our page on the site for the actual file for the program.

I haven't been able to get it on the MetaMysticRadio site yet because we are moving servers.

In Love & Peace,
CJ Carl
The MetaMystic Magazine
The MetaMystic Radio Show

Thank you, Charmaigne and CJ, for all you give to the rest of us. 

Ending Quote:

"Beloveds, say Yes to the fullness of love in your heart. Say Yes once and for all. Say Yes now."
           Heavenletter #3170 Love Waits for a Sign

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