New Green Pastures

God said:

Every day you bathe in life. Life is a magic potion that cleanses you of the past. All that occurs in life is to wash over you, or, rather you are to wash over it. Wave goodbye to the past. Do not hold onto it. First of all, it won’t be held onto. You kid yourself that it can be.
How dear is the past to you, and, yet, you have to flow past it. Today has to supersede the past. Love the past, and let go of it. Otherwise, you mourn for it. You mourn for your youth. You mourn for all that which, in terms of the world, cannot be recaptured. Recalling all your memories and all your longing for them amounts to daydreams, beloved. Of course, all of life in the world as you know it is a dream. Reliving the past is a dream within a dream. You do not abandon love by letting go of the past. Letting go doesn’t mean you forget the past. You let it loosen its hold on you. Living in the past is not living. It is recollecting. It is a kind of clutter when you keep the past to you.
The past never was yours, beloveds. You don’t own it, and you didn’t own it then. You were a passerby to the past. The past is no more than your dribbling your fingers in a stream as you ride in a canoe.
The past was wonderful, and it was not wonderful. It is dear, very dear to you, positively or negatively. Regardless, you are to let go of your attachment to it. You paddle the canoe of your life now. The sun rises every day, yet it is not the same old sun, and, so, do you also rise each day anew.  
Never mind who you once were or seemed to have once been. There are many different versions of life, and you are living another version right now. Read by the light of today. The sun is over your shoulder. The sun and you are the light of today.
Go forward to today. You cannot always look over your shoulder. What is behind you is behind you. What is in front of you now is what is in front of you. Yes, you learn from life. You grow from life.
In one sense, your whole life is thought, and, yet, bless the recurrent thoughts of the past goodbye. The past is part and parcel of you. The past grew into you today. We can say it is embedded in you, and, yet, you leave it behind. The past can only be a memory now. Remember that you are alive now, and today is another day. Savor today, and kiss the past goodbye. The past is not meant to be your companion today.
Perhaps because the past is over, you do not fear it. Perhaps because today has not yet unfolded, you fear it. Each day you grow. Perhaps you fear growth. Perhaps the past is like an old comfortable chair, or like an old bathrobe. You can let go of them. Listen, the past does not like to be clung to.
What will the sun bring today? What beautifulness can you create today?
Look, you perhaps keep old letters from a once beloved who is no more. Beloveds, holding on to the past is not love. You pour sugar on the past, and it becomes sweeter to you than the life you are leading now. You are to lead your life, not back up your life so much with the past.
Clear the slate of the past. Bless it, and move on. You will come across new green pastures. Be not beholden to the past. Hop right up to the present. You are where you are and not where you were. And you are not who you once were or how you once thought you were. This is a golden day before you. Welcome it. Put both of your feet in one boat, and the boat’s name is Today.

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Reliving the past is a dream

Ha Ha Ha.It's so good to laugh! There must be something in that bodily realease that cleanses you for you feel like something has been released....
The past is just the past that once occupied a prominent distinctive position where your accumulation of footprints and achievements have taken you to the time-line or the finish-line of yesterday.
Such was my experience yesterday.
I was out for a leisure walk with my better Half.
We started out on flat ground and the walk was easy. Then we reached a steep long incline of a hill.Here I began breathing hard. My heart was pounding and my breath was struggling and my legs were stinging if not failing.
My better half was remembering a vacation from somewhere we took and was voicing her memory which was interfering and jarring into my physical discomfort.
I could not speak. All my effort was forced into my legs as I looked upwards and towards the relief and help of any crossing street.I tried to control my breathing and aid my pounding heart which was near exhaustion.
Then a funny thing thing happened.
The voice of my better half exposed a hidden thought that came up in the form of a mild angry irritant.It wanted me to react.I did not.I was desperate to get up the hill. I spent all my awareness and energy into getting my feet to reach the top of that hill.
The irritant thought disappeared as it came.
I was in a state of awareness of what was happening inside and outside of my body.
I was so glad when I reached to the top of the climb and got to walking on a stretch of flat land
All my better half did was held on to my arms when she felt her discomfort level.
Coming back down from the climb was so easy.No discomfort.
If it does not rain today I will go out for another long walk.

Love to every Heart
Love to all God's Creation

Dear Victor, you are having

Dear Victor, you are having a good time! God bless you -- and your better half!

"You are where you are and not where you were."

Man, this Heaven Letter certainly relieved a lot! Thank You, God!

And this sentence: "You are where you are and not where you were." is so powerful for me, and exactly what I needed to hear.

Thank You again, Beloved God!