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In The Net

Being a Fisher of Men
Isn't about joining the winning club
Then accumulating ones
Also "in the won"
It isn't about being caught
Then catching
It's about truly understanding what's been Taught
Investigating deeper
Of something without need, incapable
Of being sold, borrowed, lost or bought
It's a going beyond the repetitive seasons
Of humans "reasoning and teaching"
Of customary thought
Being in the Net, so to speak
Is about
We're all interwoven in the grand design
That if we're working at life
Vulnerable to strife
We're merely playing with not being
Then, out of need
Because we've created need
We are destined to reexamine
Be re-advised
What's important
Whose important
What's the Truth
And what's not quite right
What doesn't fit
And what's
Been crystallized
Instead of allowing
For, really
We're All, in the Know
Greatness beyond what we can think
Beauty originated
Sowing, for so have we been Sown
So as we start with our Heart
We network
We play our part
We share
God's Love
Understanding all as equally Of
A Part
Of everlasting Peace
Of ease
No more in dis-ease
Than Light itself could Be
For we remember we're Free
That it's only we
That hold
To belief in separation
To cold instead of warm
To torn instead of together
To the finite instead of Forever
So as our goal is to remember
To forget, less and less
We're networking
In the net
The Wow
Of what it is to be Wed
To Perfect Life
In the Now

Copyright (c) Michael Mayer 2007

Dear Mike, I am in awe again

Dear Mike, I am in awe again at how your words sprinkled over the page, contain so many thruths!


ty for your time-energy-love

ty for your time-energy-love that shares-that's this very awe of which you speak, of you, of our eternal We connected with Mother/Father/God/Goddess that is the urging, the surging that leads me to express...i am learning to let go and let God little by little, all at surrender, to openly embrace, to Be Secure In and Of, Love with no needs attached that would love because...of this...of that...that would no more withhold than feel someone's withheld...but to Feel Held as I observe constant change...and staying...Being...becoming aware of the Unchanged...anyway...the more and more i learn as does a Child, I become a more responsible, loving adult...relating unto all...not struggling with/fighting against, not running and hiding, but staying, remaining, with everything, everyone....Freeeeeeeeeeee....thanks again Xenia...for Who You Are...mike:)