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Nameless Truth


When enjoying nature
Do you feel compelled to define, to draw the lines, to stake some claim?
Or are you content to merely be with the flower and tree?
With whatever you are close to, touch or see?
Well, this is how it is with "Me"
I am nameless, in truth
Nameless Truth
As are "You"
Yet too much openness often makes many feel as closed
Instead of nakedness
There's a preference to clothe or be clothed
And this is all as it should be
For such is your choice in the matter
Yet matters
And matter
Only exist for the time being
Then you're back to being free
You always were
So, perhaps, a new way to see and be
Might be
To set it all free
Everyone and everything
From judgment's limiting
Instead of definition's game
In place of defining all with some name
As it is when you are in nature
Let your and everyone's truest nature
"Just" Be
What's the practicality of this?
How will it add to how one lives?
It'll subtract a bit
And by this
The core Source of what already Is
Will be more easily and readily
Felt, heard and seen
So in allowing, there is naturally more
By Being Life
Will you greater and greater
Live from the Heart
Instead of the "mine" or "not" of the mind

Copyright (c) Divine Love c/o Michael Mayer 2008

As I was reading

As I was reading image revealed itself of a gurgling mystical fountain or font...and the water was so clear and refreshing...just like what your words pointed existence free of existence that is so pure, refreshing...and clarifying. Thank you for your invitation to reveal Life...not as we 'know' it...but Life as it is..Loving you, Jimi. ps....reminds me of a title of a beautiful book: "Parenthesis in Eternity" by Joel Goldsmith...the "Infinite Way" guy.

Each Country of the world is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly...

i love that title...i'm

i love that title...i'm gonna get the book...i did read the other one...thank you Jimi for Being there as you always are...O brother and are the smile that lights up our life...that reminds us we're light...mike:)

This is so freeing dearest

This is so freeing dearest Mike, I feel endless harmony and it's so uplifiting, so beautiful to stop defining things and nailing them down, just floating with God's creation, ONE ETERNITY.

Much much love sweetest Mike and many thanks

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