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My Posting Missing?

Dear Adrachin,

Hope you are fine.

I had posted a few days ago a topic,
"Are you seeing a lot of 11 nowadays?"
I cant find it now.It's like its
deleted.What happened?

Pls let me know.

Warm Rgds,

My Posting Missing?

Dear Shahid,

sorry, but due to the move of the board and some database issues anything posted after 18.08.2006 is lost.

Sorry for that.

Much Love and Light


My Posting Missing?

Hi Adrachin,

Thank you for replying.

It's ok,I have posted my topic again under


My Posting Missing?

Dear Adrachin,
I found this correspondence between you and Shahid in the Italian translations page. Can you possibly remove it from there (just to maintain 'order'. You know I'm a perfectionist.)?