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My post doesn't appear on the community page

I waited more than fifteen minutes, and the listing of my comment does not appear.

It was:

Lightworker, thank you for posting this song. The lyrics say so clearly and simply many of the messages of Heavenletters, do you agree?

We are One.
Nothing interferes with the Oneness. It's undeniably ours whether we are aware or not.
Everything is possible.

The only thing I noticed that is not pure Heavenletters is when the lyrics say that God forgives.
My understanding is that God loves. He sees our spirit in divine light, and, so, where can forgiveness enter in?

God has also said that we are not to feel that we're wonderful when we forgive, for it would be better if we didn't take offense in the first place. Who are we to forgive someone's ignorance? Forgiveness can only come from judgment.

What do you think?

Tech Angels, some of my

Tech Angels, some of my comments do not show on the list of new comments on the Community Page. Usually, when they are under a Heavenletter. I'm not sure if other people's comments show either.

I find that my second comment under a Heavenletter will show but not the first. I am talking about my response to someone's post. Some of the most wonderful posts appear under the Heavenletters themselves.

We use page caching on this

We use page caching on this website. It may be related to this. When a page is cached, it means that a static version of the page is saved and displayed to readers. This reduces "server load" and makes it possible for the website to receive many visitors without crashing the webserver. The comment will appear on under the comment listings section usually 1 hour after the comment is posted. This is what we have the "cache refresh" set to.

I'll change it to something smaller like 10min.

More info... "Logged in"

More info...

"Logged in" readers will not receive "cached pages". They will receive "fresh pages".

Try this...

While logged in, visit the Heavenletters website using your Firefox browser. Browse a few random pages and observe how fast the web pages become visible from the time of your click. Then using Internet Explorer or another browser while "logged out", do the same. Notice that pages load even faster. Notice also that some pages like the "Community" page will look different when you are logged in compared to the "logged out" display.

This technology exploitation is environmentally friendly as the other option is to buy bigger and faster web servers that use more energy to maintain...and the $$$ bling blings.

Using this type of technology, we will be able to maintain the high standard of service for readers as the usage of the website increases.

Senor, please do not change

Senor, please do not change it. You give good reasons to leave it as it is.