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My Favourite Prayers


As you say the following words quietly to yourself, listen to the feelings that rise into your conscious awareness from within your innermost heart and soul:

Our Father, thou art in Heaven...

Our Father/Mother, Thy Heaven is here on Earth with me, inside my own heart. God and Goddess, Thou art part of me, as much as I am part of Thee. Thy Spirit dwells within me, it is pure love. In love and in spirit there is no separation. Thou art The Eternal Light. Thy love and Thy perfection are also alive in me, waiting to be brought forth by me. Because I am a spark of Thee, the Christ Spirit is alive in me. Thou art the flame of pure love and the heaven that is in my heart, please hear my prayer.

Hallowed be Thy name...

With my whole being I worship Thee, oh holy, holy, holy Mother/Father, Lord and Master, God of power and might. Heaven and Earth are full of Thy glory. Thou art all-powerful and everything in Thy Creation is sacred and that includes me. I honour and worship Thee and Thy Creation. I bless Thy Holy Name. Deep within the silence of my heart, I listen to its sound. It renews Thy light, life, and perfection within me, for I am Thy child.

Thy Kingdom come...

When I reflect on Thee, when I speak Thy blessed name, Thy light in my heart grows to a great flame that fills my whole being. It becomes one with the sacred fire of Mother Earth and Father Sun, which cleanses me and burns away my weaknesses and impurities. My dark thoughts and feelings dissolve when I dwell on the splendour of Thy great love and devotion to me, until nothing but Thy Shining Purity of thoughts and feelings also remain in me. As my whole being now fills with Thy light and beauty, Thy kingdom descends and is here with me on the Earth, coming alive in me.

Thy Will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven...

Thy will created me and brought me into being. It now re-creates within me Thy light, beauty, and perfection. May they radiate from me, to bless and heal me and make me ever more like Thee, so that through me the world around me also can be transformed. As Thy light illuminates my whole being, I glorify Thee and Thy most Holy name. May the purity and perfection of The Christ Spirit come alive within me and grow ever stronger, until my whole being reflects Thy Glory, and through me, blessing and healing all life.

Give us today our daily bread...

In Thy Divine presence, my heart opens in response to the call of Thy love. Grow strong in me, O Christ Spirit, of whom I am a spark, so that I may become fully one with Thee. The knowledge of Thee is my living bread, and may the sweetness of the wine of Thy Divine spirit that is now coming fully alive in me again, fill my cup of love until it overflows. O Great Spirit, Mother/Father Creator, may the pure flame of Thy Divine passion cleanse and purify me. Help me to uplift and transmute my human passions and earthly desires, as they mingle with Thou, into blessing and healing energy for all life.

And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive those who trespass against us...

Freely, I give my love to all who accompany me on the path of life Thou hast chosen for me. Freely and willingly, I forgive. I forgive all those who ever hurt, harmed or wounded me. And I pray that Thou will help all those whom I have caused pain, to forgive me. Help us to set each other free, so that our karmic slates shall be wiped clean; and we and our world be made ready for the new experiences of the Age of Aquarius. I recognise that The Christ Spirit is alive in everybody, as it is in me. I seek only Thy glory, Thy radiance, Thy power, so that it may work through me. In all eternity, may no shadow ever fall between Thee and me again. Help me to overcome my selfishness and to transform my weaknesses into strengths. Help me to love Thee and everything in Thy Creation totally and unconditionally, the way Thou loves us all.

Leave us not when we are in temptation,
But deliver us and our world from all evil;
Please, help us to uplift and transmute it into the
Highest good, in accordance with
Thy Divine will and wishes.

Thou art the only one who knows what tests and trials my soul still needs to endure, until balance has been created for my failures and wrong-doings of all my lifetimes. I know that any sicknesses and hardships I have to go through have not been inflicted upon me by Thee. I created them myself through wrong thoughts, words and actions, during this lifetime and those before. I take responsibility for everything now, and I forgive myself for having caused such severe tests and trials for myself. I understand that any sickness in my physical body and mind are indications of an underlying sickness of my soul and spirit; please help me to heal them.

With every breath I take, I breathe in Thy light and breathe out Thy love for the blessing and healing of all of Creation. In this day and every day, grant me Thy help and guidance, in all I say and do. Please, grant me the gift of Thy strength and courage, to help me to triumphantly overcome any inner sickness and dis-ease. My whole being is crying for Thee to come to my rescue, to heal me and re-birth me into my true Divine nature, to fully be again Thy child, as I once was and never stopped being. And please help me, through this illness, to learn to take better care of my mind, physical body and my spirit and soul. Help me also to discover and release my latent healing abilities, so that Thou and the Angels can work through me. And when I have recovered sufficiently, grant me the grace to show others how they, with Thy help, can heal their own mind, body, spirit and soul. I promise that, as I have been helped, so will I be a way-finder for others who are suffering, as I once was. As I worship and adore Thee in the Beauty of Thy Creation, let my life ever more grow into the true blessing to my world and everything that is in it, in accordance with Thy will and wishes.

Grant me the gift of Thy Strength to help me rise above the temptations of my limited earthly self. Deliver me from the evil of the dark thoughts and feelings that try to keep me from reaching for Thee and Thy goodness. Help me to overcome all fears and doubts, so that I may learn to fully trust Thee and Thy Divine guidance and protection. Wherever Thou leadest me, give me Thy strength and wisdom, so that I may follow in total trust. When my ego tries to overwhelm me, help me to know that it is not the devil, but my own small, frightened self, and grant me Thy strength to say: "Get thee behind me!" Help me to overcome this part of myself, so that I may bring forth from within me that which is for my own Highest good and greatest joy and that of all life.

For Thine is the Kingdom, all Power, and all Glory...

My life is one with Thee and I will that it shall be so, for ever more. Thou art the light within my spirit and soul that is now safely returning me to Thee. I know that Thou will always keep me safe, and that is why I surrender my whole being unto Thee. Help me to manifest Thy love, beauty and perfection, as they are also in me. May they reflect themselves in the way I live my life, now and forever. Help me to become pure love, like Thou art, the true Kingdom of my being. Thine is the power and the glory that is now being reborn in us and our world. Thy wholeness is our Holiness and Thine, and in love all life again truly becomes one.
O Mother/Father Spirit, Thou art the fountain of all Holiness. Let the healing power of Thy Divine love flow through all humankind now, so that we may all share it with the whole of Creation, and then with a blessing return it to Thee, the Source of all life, light and healing. Ever flowing, giving and receiving love, breathing out and breathing in nothing but love and light, together with Thee. As I make my Peace with Thee, o beloved Father/Mother, my spirit and soul are being cleansed by Thy light and healed. As my whole being comes to rest in Thee, my body relaxes and every cell and every atom of are being restored and healed. And as I am healing, all humankind, Mother Earth, and all of Creation are healing with me.

So it shall be – for ever and ever,
In Thy sacred and most Holy name.

May the blessing and healing power of Thy love flow through us and everything that is in our world. Through all channels that are making themselves available, may Thy blessing flow, to help each one to heal their emotional and spiritual wounds of all lifetimes. All this I am asking, in Thy own sacred name, for Thou art the Highest Star, the Brightest Light, the Greatest Love and the Highest Mind.

Amen – Amen – Amen

The Lord’s Prayer, the prayer of all prayers, was given to us by the Christ Spirit through the Master Jesus, in the early stages of the outgoing Age of Pisces, which was the Age of blind faith, martyrdom and suffering. The incoming Aquarian Age is the one of Divine knowledge and wisdom. I hope that the version of this prayer that is before you now will help you to build your own bridge between the old and the new Age. Through our prayers, we can help it to flow directly from the Source, into every heart and soul. May the living waters of the wisdom of the Highest Mind help us cleanse and rid humankind and the family of all life that shares our planet with us from its two greatest evils: ignorance and fear. As ignorance is the root cause of fear, may our prayers help to dissolve and get rid of these evils, once and for all.
Blessings and healing, peace and love be with you, with us and our world, all worlds and all beings, all life and all lifeforms, as we – all together and hand in hand with God and the Angels – are walking back home, into our true nature and the oneness with God and all life.

After an idea from ‘Stella Polaris’ Magazine of the White Eagle Lodge

© This Version AQUARIUS 2007
From 'Words & Prayers of Comfort & Healing'

Is there anyone else who is willing to share their favourite prayers with us here? I look forward to each one and hope to find some that I can include in my treasure chest.