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My child -Kaya

You epitomises beauty
you are a surety of love and happiness
your hugs and your kiss
touches my being
and causes my heart to sing
a continual song of feeling
fulfilled and complete
you offer my soul to eat
from your purity and love
I fly on the wings of the pure dove
yet i feel like the Unicorn of love

For Kaya's first celebration of being in our world for one whole year:
I got some nice, natural wool to crochet her a hat for winter with a bel on top
a storybook of the adventures of Piglet and Winnie the Pooh
I bought her a second hand cute outfit, which I am working flowers and butterfies on
a ceramic butterfly which i will paint symbolic of her totem animal
a blank cd to make her a cd with nice calming music
a tiny box to put in her first curl
a pair of bells to be stitch onto some socks- so i can hear her where she walks and plays
and i am making her a dream catcher/mobile from shells, butterflies, stars, feathers and beads

I cant wait to finish all these things- i only got 3 more days.
I am baking her something that she can enjoy and which we will surely enjoy too.
I am so excited...
O, then we also taking her to the animal farm!

Happy happy birthday sweet Crystal child of the Universe!
These words have no rhyming verse
but you naturally make my life rhyme
may you eternally SHINE!
from your Mother and Friend
our days together will see no end!

You express so well what it

You express so well what it is to be a mother of a young child. From your poem, I can just feel it, Nomvula.

Sweetest Nomvula, indeed our

Sweetest Nomvula,
indeed our children are the children of God and they bestow pure love and joy and touch our hearts and soul beyond words. It is the miracle of life and the love of God.
Much love to you dear !