Motivate the World

God said:

Ask and you shall receive - this is true. Ask yourself, beloveds. Ask yourself what you want. Ask your heart what it would bid you to ask. Your heart can have whatever it wants. Speak for it.

Sometimes you give a present to someone, and you didn't really know what they would like. You thought you knew, but you can see or feel their disappointment. Sometimes you give yourself a present, and you find, once given, it wasn't your heart's desire.

Whatever your heart desires, it is something simple, a one-syllable word like peace or love in one language or another. Simple words cut to the chase, and they are the answer to all your questions and to the vibration of your heart.

Say Yes to yourself. Say Yes, yes, yes. Motivate the world to be receptive to you. Receiving is a way to do it. Saying Thank you is a way to do it. The more you receive, and the more you say thank you internally, the freer you are. As it is now, life has you in its grips because you resist it. Your resistance becomes like glue, and it holds the world tightly to you, as if the world were all there is, as if you would be lost without it. Without attachments, beloveds, you will be found.

Hail to this life of yours. Get up every morning. Brush your teeth. Welcome the sun and welcome the world. Regardless of how you may be frightened of it, regardless of how you may disdain it and feel superior to it, regardless of anything, you are a part of the world. Dearest Ones, you cannot bring life to its knees. You might as well love it.

Whether your life is a tango or a waltz, you are its dance partner. Dance with good grace. Be charming. Lift your feet. Pirouette. Bow. Swing your arms. Reach Heaven as you spin through life.

The dance changes. It is not always the same. Life has much up its sleeves for you. There are dances with new steps never danced before. There are dances that will lift you higher and higher. Your feet will hardly touch the ground. They will touch Heaven. Suddenly, you are alit on Heaven. Heaven became your dance floor. You didn't even need a dance floor. You needed only dancing, and now you rose to Heaven the way mist rises from Earth.

What rhythm of life brought you here? You were simply dancing, and now your heart dances in Heaven. Now your heart will never stop dancing. It will have gotten what it wanted, and now your heart weaves its way through Heaven. It wants constant Heaven. It wants a bower of roses to walk under and petals to rest on. It wants to leap to the sun and give it a flower, to bless it and thank it for its loyalty, its love of Earth, and its golden light.

You will never be the same. Now you speak a new language, a very silent one.. And you know you will never leave Heaven. You will take it with you. It will accompany you everywhere. It will be like sunlight that follows you. It will be a silent spotlight that directs your life forevermore.

Once visited, Heaven can never be left. It is a like beautiful music in your heart that will never leave. Heaven is humming its tune, and you can hum along whenever you want. Heaven is embossed in your heart, like a beautiful wedding invitation. It is spelled out in your heart. Your heart and Heaven belong together. They are One. You have visited Heaven, everyone. Only in your imagination can you possibly leave.

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God, I just ruined a beautiful wedding invitation, but Heaven's still in my heart, weirdly.

You're still in my beck and call, or you are not. I'm never sure of that. But time is of no substance, and you're there for me, and that will do just fine.

Hey, God, I'm going to tell you something, because I desperately need to free myself.
I loved what I lost more than everything that would stay with me, yet nothing truly crumbled to oblivion.

Thank you for listening, and have fun watching this catastrophe called human's mistakes whose other name is learning. I'll be there in the performance, and I'll be in the audience's seat with you too. I'm a multitasker.